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One Foot in the Grave (1990)

1 mistake in The Pit and the Pendulum

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The Pit and the Pendulum - S4-E1

Revealing mistake: The inside of the kitchen set doesn't match the external shot of the real location when looking at the inside of the kitchen door. The studio has a flat wall with green patterned wallpaper, where the real kitchen has a cupboard, white handles and the worktop directly next to the door side.


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Trivia: The Christmas Special that aired in 1995, was initially intended as the series' finale, and would have seen Victor being killed while saving Margaret who was being attacked by a madman. The 1997 special was then intended to end the series with Margaret dying from a heart attack brought on from the strain of Victor's misadventures, but on both occasions the production crew got cold feet. It wasn't until the final series in 2000 that the team, in David Renwick's words, "plucked up the courage to kill Victor."

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