The Wild Wild West
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The Night of Miguelito's Revenge - S4-E12

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the episode, as Jim West walks away from the newsstand vendor and closes the magazine, a 1967 ad for DieHard batteries ("The DieHard Fights the Common Cold") can be seen on the right-hand page of the prop magazine, in a modern sans serif font.


The Night of the Janus - S4-E18

Revealing mistake: About half way through this episode, the hooded man West is chasing goes through double doors and closes them. West slams his body to open the doors. He steps back to ram his body into the doors again to force them open. Before he does, we see the doors sort of slightly move back and forth (this looks very odd and unnatural) before West slams them open.


The Night of the Tycoons - S4-E23

Revealing mistake: The exact footage is used in the beginning of the first shot of this episode as well as the when the opening credits have stopped showing - two women walking on the lower right of the screen, two men riding side by side away from the camera, and the coach with one dark and one light colored horse riding into the camera on the screen's left.


The Night of the Bleak Island - S4-E21

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of this episode, West enters a small house. As the door opens, there is a small piece of furniture with drawers in the front and a red and white checker cloth on top. During the fight scene in this room, this chest of drawers is broken to reveal it is a prop that had the drawers painted on the front.

The Night of the Gruesome Games - S4-E5

Revealing mistake: Midway in this episode, West is fighting two men in a bedroom. One of them is pushed into the green chest of drawers and breaks it. It is obviously a prop, because the front is a flat piece of painted wood to look like drawers; there are no drawers when this piece falls apart.


The Night of the Bubbling Death - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: As West drags the body of a bad guy out of the scene, the supposedly unconscious man is holding his head up so as not to have his head dragged through the dirt. A truly unconscious person's head would flop back on to the ground.

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