Porridge (1973)

1 mistake in Final Stretch

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Final Stretch - S3-E6

Factual error: Lennie Godber goes before the parole board on a Monday morning and is in his cell that afternoon telling Fletcher the good news - he made parole. That is impossible. The parole board will meet, interview the prisoner, then take depositions from other interested parties - the prison governor, psychologists, and so on. They will then consider their decision and if they approve parole they will then pass their recommendation on to the Home Office who will approve or decline it. All this takes three or four days at least, so there is no way for Godber to know that day, nor to pass the news on to Fletcher.

Mackay: There are only two rules in this prison: 1 - do not write on the walls. 2 - You obey all the rules.

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Trivia: There was an American version of this classic UK show. It was titled On the Rocks. The script was reworked in order to make the style of humour suit the audience. It lasted one series before being cancelled in May '76.

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