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Chester's Indian - S7-E32

Visible crew/equipment: When Chester and Cassie are in The Cabin, Chester is looking through the picnic basket while Callie holds on the Indian's hand and talks to him. In the scene behind Callie is an unidentified "cowboy" who appears twice and then disappears when the scene cuts to Chester the 2nd time. (00:47:00)

Where'd They Go - S5-E27

Continuity mistake: When Matt and Chester get up in the morning, Chester is in a chair with a blanket covering him up to his chin. Camera shot changes to Matt's point of view and Chester has no blanket as he speaks. Camera shot changes back to the prior viewpoint and the blanket has reappeared. (00:21:40)

Sarah - S18-E6

Continuity mistake: Marshall Dillon buries an outlaw at Sarah's place. He installs a wood cross at the grave. Sarah comes out and they talk. When she leaves, the scene cuts back to Dillon and the cross is missing.

Speak Me Fair - S5-E34

Continuity mistake: Matt arrests two cattle rustlers and ties them up back to back in their wagon for the ride back to Dodge. The two rustlers later change positions in the wagon for no apparent reason. (00:26:00 - 00:29:00)


The Fires of Ignorance - S20-E17

Continuity mistake: When the school teacher is questioning the father in court, he places a farmers' almanac on the judge's bench and walks away leaving it. When camera cuts to the judge with a clear shot of where the almanac was left, it is not there. (00:44:00)


Custer - S2-E3

Factual error: In the opening scene Marshal Dillon walks in Boot Hill cemetery. Dates on grave markers include 1883 and 1882. At the end of the episode Marshal Dillon and Chester discuss an Army deserter who had just been acquitted of a murder that Marshal Dillon was sure he had committed. The army deserter is being sent back to his unit to fight the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians under Gen. Custer. The viewer knows the army deserter will soon die in the Battle of Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876 - seven years before the date on one of the grave markers. (00:00:25 - 00:24:30)


The Ditch - S8-E7

Other mistake: A female rancher hires workers to dig a water ditch on her property and hires two gunmen for protection. The other ranchers, upset about losing their water supply, vote on whether to fight the woman or let her be. Each man votes by dropping a small stone into a barrel. A black stone means "fight" and a white stone means "let her be." When the barrel is emptied, there are 23 black stones. However, there are only 14 ranchers in the room.

Steven Lee

Dirt - S3-E25

Factual error: There's a 1930s/40s vintage car in the background of this episode. The scene is associated with the marriage. Chester and Matt hear a gunshot and the scene then pans to some buggies, horses and people at The Wedding area. Matt and Chester jump on horses and ride out, and if you look closely at the background, there's the car, traveling by for about two seconds.

Show generally

Other mistake: The pot belly stove in the Sheriff's office has the stovepipe exiting through the front wall, there is no stovepipe or chimney showing on the front of the building?

By Line - S11-E28

Visible crew/equipment: When Festus has put a false article regarding a gold strike and the people are rushing out of town, there is a shot in which the view is head on to the street full of riders and wagons as people are leaving town and the roof of the set is visible over the street instead of sky.


Sanctuary - S11-E23

Revealing mistake: At 40 minutes in Doc is treating a gunman. Look at Doc's eyebrow. His right eyebrow is sticking up on the right side and you can see his real eyebrow underneath it. His left eyebrow looks OK.

terry s

Taps for Old Jeb - S11-E5

Other mistake: Jeb throws a big party at Miss Kitty's saloon and pays for it with a poke full of gold. Sam the bartender weighs the gold and says it is worth $420. Kitty later gives the poke of gold back to Jeb and tells him, "The party is on me." Sholo, Jeb's mining partner, says, "There's $700 worth of gold there. "

Steven Lee

The Intruder - S14-E23

Other mistake: At the beginning when Festus rides up and finds Riley Sharp handcuffed to the hitching rail, if you notice the handcuff chain is draped over the top of the hitching rail and there is nothing preventing him from sliding the chain off the end of the railing.

The Raid (2) - S11-E19

Visible crew/equipment: During the sequence with the fire going on in the town, there is a shot with several guys on horseback riding parallel with the camera. They're talking while riding. Look at the lead horse. The shadow of the boom mic is extremely obvious. (00:15:45)


Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: I'll tell you why the Hagens live so long.
Festus Haggen: Why?
Dr. Galen 'Doc' Adams: 'Cause they're too dumb to know they're dead.

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