The Movie in the Making - S11-E18

Factual error: Angela try to recover some digital data (like SMS or the call list) from memory chip of a 2006 mobile phone. But there's not any memory chip on Angela's work table; there's a SO-DIMM RAM wafer, probably an old DDR which makes no sense: 1. RAM is a volatile memory, so after power off, data goes bye. 2. Lot of chips for a simple mobile phone memory 3. It's a RAM wafer. (00:28:50)


The Doom in the Boom - S11-E10

Character mistake: In the last scene of the episode, the hospital doctor comes into a waiting room to give a status on Hodges to his coworkers. She is carrying two large x-ray films. Bones says "Are those the MRIs? Let me see them." Bones would have known that they were x-ray films and not MRI scans, which would have been printed on paper.

The Head in the Abutment - S11-E19

Character mistake: Hodgins flies a decapitated human head via drone all the way from the crime scene to the Jeffersonian. A distance of several miles over city and urban landscapes. This would comprise all the evidence and be a massive risk to public health. Dr. Hodgins would know how much it would mess up the evidence since his area of expertise is particulates, and insects, both of which would be compromised. (00:28:30)


The Secret in the Service - S11-E17

Visible crew/equipment: A potential editing oversight can be found as Booth and Brennan are entering the shooting range by watching the space under the rifle of the third shooter. The gas can be seen coming from the spray can to the shooter's right, not the barrel of the rifle. (00:19:05)

The Doom in the Boom - S11-E10

Plot hole: Dr. Vizeri leaves the Jeffersonian months prior to this episode (confirmed in the episode) however, after turning up unannounced he still has his work jacket. It is unlikely his jacket would still be there. (00:20:05)


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Suggested correction: It is not unreasonable to assume it was simply put into storage rather than being thrown away. It was perfectly usable and could have been used by another member of staff if theirs was unavailable.

I've forgotten the exact circumstances of Dr. Vizeri's departure, but the Jeffersonian probably would not have a policy that required personalized work clothing to be returned. Dr. Vizeri indicates in the episode that it had been his strong desire to return ever since his departure, so it is likely that he would have retained the garment for practical, or at least sentimental reasons.

Would seem unlikely given that they have their names on.


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Judas on a Pole - S2-E11

Trivia: Kathy Reichs, whose novels and experiences the series is based on, appears as one of the professors questioning Zack about his dissertation. (00:00:50)

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The Girl in the Mask - S4-E23

Question: When Doctor Brennan is examining the victim's skull, she states that a "straight suture across the palatine bone" indicates that the victim was a native Japanese speaker. I've studied linguistics, but I've never heard of a person's native language actually affecting their anatomy. So, for example: would a person of Japanese heritage who was born and raised in the US and spoke only English be distinguishable from a person who grew up in Japan and spoke only Japanese, purely by their palatine bones? (00:06:10)


Answer: Since the palatine bone is a bone that helps form the mouth it has a lot to do with speaking. The shape of it differs a lot depending on your ethnic background. I would guess that they, in the show, meant that the person's bone tells that they were Japanese and that it was "made for the purpose of speaking Japanese." That's what I'd assume anyway. I've studied molecular biology though, so I'm not an expert on bones.

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