The Murder in the Middle East - S10-E19

Continuity mistake: In all shots of Cam talking on her phone to Arastoo after the first, what's on the bottom of the phone is different to the first. Later, when she has the phone is on the table, what was on the bottom in the later shots is at the top of the phone, suggesting at some point she started talking on it upside down. (00:02:53 - 00:04:05)


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Suggested correction: Actually, When Pelant is leaving for Egypt, he gives Brennan a flower to communicate grief and loss, so Pelant did in fact communicate with flowers.

It is implied that he communicated frequently with flowers. Which he did not.


Actually, this is what is accurately said 'Exactly what Pelant used to use to send a message' in reference to the flowers, if it were 'what Pelant used to send "messages" then yes, your point would be more accurate. Yet the wording suggests that it was 'a' message he sent, not plural, single. Which he did.

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The Dwarf in the Dirt - S5-E7

Trivia: At around 5 mins 11 seconds into the episode, Vincent Nigel-Murrey and Dr. Saroyan are discussing the bones on the forensic platform. In the background of a shot of Vincent, the x-ray on the screen is of Homer Simpson's head in the middle of the screen, instead of a real human skull.


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The Woman in the Car - S1-E11

Question: Pickering is interviewing the team from the Jeffersonian. When she gets to Bones, she mentions someone's name and Bones rings a phone number and Pickering is told not to move and all her notes are to be destroyed. What is Bones' relationship to the person Pickering mentioned?


Chosen answer: Pickering states the name "Juan Guzman" and during the run of the show we are never told who he is, or why Brennan had been in Cuba and met with this Juan Guzman. We don't know if there is any kind of "relationship" between Brennan and Guzman. A bit frustrating, but I like how this short scene shuts down Agent Pickering's entire review, and it hints at Brennan's career history and her level of security clearance.

Super Grover

Thanks for the clarification. It's been a while since I watched the series start to finish. It also adds to show how much power Brennan actually has.


Do you remember when Bones was telling Angela about the time she was on one of her out of the country trips, and she was thrown in a dark cell for what she later found out was 3 days? She was crying and looked terrified as she remembered this. She had that same look as someone who was remembering past trauma when Pickering said this name. I kind of always thought that "Juan Guzman" was the one who did that.

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