Correction: Perfectly reasonable explanation for this: the cabinet is made of metal. Listen, when they break the lock, you can hear the metal being struck, and the metallic squeak as the door opens. Dr. Brennan even states that the victim was stored in a steel wardrobe, and that protected the remains.


Correction: Remember, when Hodgins asks Dr Tanaka about the microsil, Tanaka replies, "I believe your partly Chinese woman will be able to reconstruct the tool," then Angela walks in saying she heard Tanaka's comment. Nakamura quickly clarifies that Tanaka (who is Japanese) "means no offense" and did not mean for it to "sound so insulting" (00:31:05). At the end, Angela decides to take matters into her own hands so to speak, regarding Tanaka's physical gender. So considering Tanaka's earlier rude comment about her, and even more so, as well as Angela just being our Angela, after Angela hugs Tanaka she walks back over to her team and in a normal voice as usual Angela bluntly says, "It moved, he's a guy" (00:40:40). Angela very simply did not care if Tanaka would overhear this. This is not a "stupidity" or any other kind of mistake, whatsoever.

Super Grover

I would add, Angela is very outspoken through the show and has shown numerous times that she will just say whatever needs to be said rather than hide away from a topic. And if we disregard everything mentioned above, about Tanaka being rude, How is it a mistake that Angela says it out loud?


Yep, agree about Angela being outspoken, that's why I mentioned "as well as Angela just being our Angela" because yes, that's exactly her just being her :).

Super Grover

Tanaka wasn't rude, it was Angela who was rude and unprofessional about the former's identity. And absolutely makes it a mistake when it's a direct failure of professional protocol. One simply does not set out to embarrass a colleague by "proving" anything in a workplace, that could potentially set them up for harassment.


I'd stated that Angela (or the production) failed to use proper professional etiquette when she approached Tanaka to curiously clarify his/her gender, without any privacy of the room. So very much a mistake, considering even Bones would not have done such out of courtesy and respect to another professional. However, Angela did not care. So that was stupidity and or negligence on her part as a supposed forensics professional, in displaying such repugnant behavior. Very much a mistake.


Correction: The implication of that episode was that Parker's ghost was real, since Booth points out numerous things he does during his escape that he couldn't have done on his own. Dr. Brennan seeing Parker at the end of the episode confirms this. Dr. Brennan is the only one to posit that Booth's belief that he saw Parker was a hallucination brought on by his brain tumor, because she did not learn who Parker was when talking to him in the cemetery; Booth was looking the other way, all Brennan knew was that a young man walked up to her and said something about enjoying life. Even if she saw a picture of Parker at some later date, she probably wouldn't recognize him.

The Man in the SUV - S1-E2

Corrected entry: Bones and Booth arrive at the FBI after she has identified the body. The two argue about Booth's having a relationship. In the medium shot, Bones has her hair tucked behind her right ear. In long shots, it's not. (00:13:45)


Correction: The hair is still tucked behind her ear, however with her moving her head a lot, it comes loose.


The Bikini in the Soup - S6-E14

Corrected entry: At the very end when Brennen brings the machine guns to Booth at the shooting range, Brennen puts on ear protection, but Booth does not, and he starts shooting. This would never happen. Booth, as an FBI agent who frequents the range, knows that one rule of any shooting range is that you must wear ear protection.


Correction: There is no mistake. You can see he's wearing ear plugs when he's firing his pistol. He never takes them out, so there's no need to put them back in.


Mummy in the Maze - S3-E5

Corrected entry: Megan is wearing the exact same shirt in the picture that she is wearing when we see her in the room full of snakes. The photo must have been taken the same day they filmed.

Correction: I have pictures of me wearing the same shirt on different days. Just because she is wearing the same shirt from the picture doesn't make it a mistake.


Correction: It has been mentioned that the cards work by NFC chips, not bar-codes to enter the platform area.

The Verdict in the Story - S3-E13

Corrected entry: While Bones is trying to convince Angela to testify, Angela refuses on the grounds that she does not want to be responsible for Bones' father being executed. Bones then states that whether her father gets executed will be up to a jury. However, Bones' father is being tried in the District of Columbia, and D.C. abolished the death penalty in 1957, so there could be no chance of him being executed at all. It can't simply be a character mistake, because they were present at the beginning of the trial, and if the death penalty were possible those present in court would have heard the judge instructing the jury about it. (00:21:35)


Correction: The case is being heard in the District Court of D.C., as this is a Federal Case due to Bones' father being accused of killing an FBI deputy director. Killing a federal law enforcement officer can carry the death penalty. Also, the judge would not instruct the jury on the death penalty during the merits phase of the trial. If convicted, then the judge would instruct the jury on the death penalty when charging the jury and delivering instructions prior to their deliberations as to sentence after the penalty phase was completed.

Correction: Actually, there are 2 clocks on the wall, one set at 10:05 and the other at 2:05. They can both be seen in the same shot for several moments in the scene. It is not explained WHY they are set differently, but that is not relevant to the plot. (Time zones, perhaps).


Mummy in the Maze - S3-E5

Corrected entry: When we first see Megan in the room full of snakes, she is wearing black sneakers but in the close up of her feet and the subsequent shots she has on black ballet flats.

Correction: Megan always has the ballet slippers on, at no point is she wearing sneakers.

Correction: In the episode "The Woman in Limbo" (which ran AFTER the episode in this entry) Bones state, "I think I just became a vegetarian." This is after she tests the device used to kill pigs that Vince McVicker uses to kill his victims.

The Man in the SUV - S1-E2

Corrected entry: At the scene of the bomb attack, Booth introduces Bones to Department of Homeland Security agent Bennett Gibson. Bones met agent Gibson in a very dramatic way in the previous, pilot episode, where she threw him to the floor after Booth had asked him to detain Bones at the airport.

Jeff Walker

Correction: So Booth forgot or just got carried away. Not a mistake.


Just about everything in the series supports that the Bones character would not forget. A mistake for sure.

No denying that. The original mistake however states Booth introduced them. There is nothing to suggest Bones forgot.


The Parts in the Sum of the Whole - S5-E16

Continuity mistake: In this episode, Booth and Bones are telling Sweets about their "real first case" together - the case where they actually met for the first time. During this episode, Booth, Bones, and Angela take some evidence to Caroline, and Booth introduces them both (most importantly Brennan) to Caroline. However, in season 1, episode 19, "The Man in the Morgue", (which would have taken place after this initial first meeting) when Brennan is accused of murder in New Orleans, Booth has Caroline fly to NOLA to be Brennan's lawyer, and he introduces the two of them. If they had already been introduced during the first case Booth and Brennan worked on together, they would not have needed to be introduced here; they would have already known one another.

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Judas on a Pole - S2-E11

Trivia: Kathy Reichs, whose novels and experiences the series is based on, appears as one of the professors questioning Zack about his dissertation. (00:00:50)

Cubs Fan

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The Woman in the Car - S1-E11

Question: Pickering is interviewing the team from the Jeffersonian. When she gets to Bones, she mentions someone's name and Bones rings a phone number and Pickering is told not to move and all her notes are to be destroyed. What is Bones' relationship to the person Pickering mentioned?


Chosen answer: Pickering states the name "Juan Guzman" and during the run of the show we are never told who he is, or why Brennan had been in Cuba and met with this Juan Guzman. We don't know if there is any kind of "relationship" between Brennan and Guzman. A bit frustrating, but I like how this short scene shuts down Agent Pickering's entire review, and it hints at Brennan's career history and her level of security clearance.

Super Grover

Thanks for the clarification. It's been a while since I watched the series start to finish. It also adds to show how much power Brennan actually has.


Do you remember when Bones was telling Angela about the time she was on one of her out of the country trips, and she was thrown in a dark cell for what she later found out was 3 days? She was crying and looked terrified as she remembered this. She had that same look as someone who was remembering past trauma when Pickering said this name. I kind of always thought that "Juan Guzman" was the one who did that.

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