Happy Together - S4-E11

Visible crew/equipment: After Neal answers the door, Mrs. Watson asks 'May I come in?' When the camera cuts back to Neal saying 'Oh gee do you have to?', look in the background to see a shadow of a person move across the cabinet. (00:12:00)

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On the Road Again - S1-E11

Visible crew/equipment: When Kate says they are going on a hike a boom mic is visible.

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For Your Eyes Only - S1-E6

Visible crew/equipment: When the family walks into the kitchen after ALF was talking to Jody, you can see the set lights.

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Strangers in the Night - S1-E2

Visible crew/equipment: After Mrs. Ochmonek closes the door after the pizza is delivered, a shadow of the boom mic can be seen on the door.

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A.L.F. - S1-E1

Visible crew/equipment: Right after Kate tells ALF he is not to drink beer a boom mic is visible.

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Looking For Lucky - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: After Brian finds the note Alf left, we see William put the note under the microscope to inspect the tear drops. When William says "I'm going to go find him," he stands up and we see him leave the note on the microscope. When the camera cuts to William walking through the door, he all of a sudden has the note in his hand that was left on the microscope. (00:12:55 - 00:13:35)

Justin Davis
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ALF: Kate, have I ever lied to you?
Kate: Yes. Several times.
ALF: I meant today.

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