Episode Title Mistakes
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Season 1
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2Strangers in the Night2
3Looking For Lucky4
4Pennsylvania 6-50005
5Keepin' the Faith0
6For Your Eyes Only3
7Help Me, Rhonda0
8Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?2
10Baby, You Can Drive My Car0
11On the Road Again1
12Oh, Tannerbaum0
13Mother and Child Reunion2
14A Little Bit of Soap2
15I've Got a New Attitude0
16Try to Remember (1)0
17Try to Remember (2)0
18Border Song0

Looking For Lucky - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: After Brian finds the note Alf left, we see William put the note under the microscope to inspect the tear drops. When William says "I'm going to go find him," he stands up and we see him leave the note on the microscope. When the camera cuts to William walking through the door, he all of a sudden has the note in his hand that was left on the microscope. (00:12:55 - 00:13:35)

Justin Davis
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ALF: Kate, have I ever lied to you?
Kate: Yes. Several times.
ALF: I meant today.

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