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Drake and Josh (2004)

Episode list - season 3

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All season 3 mistakesMistakes
1The Drake & Josh Inn0
2The Peruvian Puff Pepper4
3We're Married0
4Mindy's Back0
5The Affair0
6Playing the Field0
7Helen's Surgery0
8Paging Doctor Drake0
9Foam Finger0
10Girl Power0
11Sheep Thrills2
12Megan's New Teacher1
13Little Sibling0
14Theater Thug1
15The Demonator0
16Alien Invasion2
17Dr. Phyllis Show0

Mean Teacher - S2-E11

Visible crew/equipment: When Mrs. Hafer keeps Drake back after class, there is a long shot and Drake says, "What is this about?" At this point you can see a fluffy red boom mike between Drake and Mrs. Hafer.

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Trivia: If you look to the right of the Premiere Theatre when it shows an outside shot, there is always a shop like Schneider's Pizza, Schneider's Bakery, etc. This is a reference to the show's director, Dan Schneider.

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Chosen answer: It's just a screaming fan that knows everything about Drake.


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