Drake and Josh
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 2
12 The Gary Grill 1
13 Drew & Jerry 2
14 Honor Council 0
Season 3
Season 3 generally 0
1 The Drake & Josh Inn 0
2 The Peruvian Puff Pepper 4
3 We're Married 0
4 Mindy's Back 0
5 The Affair 0
6 Playing the Field 0
7 Helen's Surgery 0
8 Paging Doctor Drake 0
9 Foam Finger 0
10 Girl Power 0
11 Sheep Thrills 2
12 Megan's New Teacher 1
13 Little Sibling 0
14 Theater Thug 1
15 The Demonator 0
16 Alien Invasion 2

The Peruvian Puff Pepper - S3-E2

Other mistake: Drake and Josh find the monitor in Megan's room. After they reveal the normal wall and the family leaves, Megan hits the button behind the picture to show the monitors. However, when Drake and Josh find out that Megan entered the salsa competition, they storm into her room, but the button is still revealed in the background.


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Trivia: In the episode/movie "Really Big Shrimp" it shows an external shot of The Premiere but instead of having fake movie titles it says "Now She's Carly", a reference to how Miranda Cosgrove is getting her own show on Nick, "iCarly."

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Chosen answer: Well, she is the most liked sibling, so she can probably get more out of her parents, or get money from both of them without the other knowing, or as we saw in the Gary Grills episode she can get money from people easily by telling them all sorts of stuff.

Answer: She's just sneaky that's all.

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