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Dylan Hunt: Don't be smart.
Harper: It's hard not to, when you're a prodigy.

Beka Valentine: Tyr, ya don't have to come. I know how hard it is for you to beat that Nietzschean self-preservation gene.
Tyr Anasazi: You know, that " Nietzschean self-preservation gene," as you call it, can't be passed down unless a breeding partner makes herself available. Proving one's worth as a husband and father requires taking risks.
Beka Valentine: So all these dangerous, macho things you do - it's to impress the chicks?

Seamus Harper: We needed a Plan B. You always have a Plan B.
Dylan Hunt: Yes, but my Plan B's work.

Beka Valentine: Authorization code "shut up and do what I tell you."
Maru Computer: Authorization confirmed.

Rev Bem: The Divine loves us best at our broken times.

Harper: Let me guess, we're going to open up a can of cosmic whoop-ass.

Harper: Tyr Ana-sleazy! Livin' large in the lap-dance of luxury.

Dylan Hunt: Rev, have any of your prayers been answered?
Rev: Many, just not today.

Rommie: I just want a day where I can build missiles and tweak fire control in peace.
Beka Valentine: We need to find you a hobby.
Rommie: That is my hobby.

Dylan Hunt: Missile tubes 1 through 5.
Rommie: Are you sure that's necessary?
Dylan Hunt: It's chasing us and that's rude. We'll teach it some manners.

Forced Perspective - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: Rev Bem returns for this episode, however the costume department seems to have forgotten all the changes his character went through a couple seasons ago. His face is distinctly more Magog than it should be, and his hands have reverted back into clawed fingers.

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