Doctor Who

Asylum of the Daleks - S7-E2

Continuity mistake: When the Doctor reaches up to touch the face of the woman he's meeting, his left hand, with which he'd just grabbed the woman's hand in the previous shot, is by his side, only for him to be holding her hand again in the next shot. (00:01:57)


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Suggested correction: The close-up shot of the Dalek just as Rory pushes it is positioned such that the ear lights, and the place where they're mounted, isn't visible anyway.


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Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - S7-E3

Continuity mistake: After Rory and Brian are sitting in the control chairs, when the Doctor makes a Silurian joke and then gripes that no-one found it funny, Brian's hands move to the buttons on the end of the armrests instantaneously between shots. (00:39:20)

A Town Called Mercy - S7-E4

Continuity mistake: During the sequence involving Rory and Isaac leaving town with the latter disguised as Kahler-Jex in order to distract the Gunslinger so the Doctor can get back to the TARDIS, parked somewhere outside of Mercy, only to find Jex's ship instead, while Amy and Jex wait back at the sheriff's office, the Sun changes position several times, as do the shadows cast as a result. Most noticeably, when the Doctor finds the cable running from Jex's ship to town, the Sun is quite low, as if close to sunset - while appearing high, as if closer to midday, in the scenes of Rory and Isaac distracting the Gunslinger taking place at the same time. During the scenes of the Doctor finding Jex's ship and Amy and Jex in town, it is also earlier in the day. (00:10:50 - 00:17:17)

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A Town Called Mercy - S7-E4

Continuity mistake: When Amy's holding a revolver while arguing with the Doctor, just before she accidentally fires it a second time, she goes from holding it pointed to her right to holding it pointing to the ground in front of her between shots. (00:23:53)

A Town Called Mercy - S7-E4

Factual error: During the standoff after the Doctor forces Jex over the town's boundary line, Amy manages to make a revolver accidentally fire off twice in a row. Revolvers like that need to be cocked between each firing, which didn't happen the second time. (00:23:54)

A Town Called Mercy - S7-E4

Continuity mistake: The scene where the Doctor forces Jex over the boundary line starts off in roughly mid-afternoon lighting, but when the Gunslinger arrives and Isaac is shot, the sunlight is at a much lower angle. (00:25:35)

A Town Called Mercy - S7-E4

Revealing mistake: When Jex's ship explodes, we see the smoke drifting over town. But it's really obvious that the smoke is coming from the next street, not miles away where Jex's ship is. (00:42:06)

The Power of Three - S7-E5

Other mistake: As the Doctor passes a stack of three cubes, the camera is close enough to see the top cube has two small squares intertwined on the side facing diagonally toward the light. He said all were the same, no difference or individuality whatsoever. (00:03:53)

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Season 1 generally

Question: 1. Why was Rose not allowed to touch her past self without creating a paradox and causing those creatures to appear and eat everyone, but Amy was allowed to touch her younger self without any repercussions? 2. Why was Rose able to have the time vortex in her head for a few minutes and it only knocked her unconscious whereas the Doctor had it inside him for about 30 seconds and it basically killed him and caused his regeneration?


Chosen answer: 1) When Stephen Moffat took over he ignored a lot of what had been developed before (there is not in-universe answer). 2) It would have killed Rose, so the Doctor absorbed the energy. His body regenerated before the energy could do a significant amount of damage that would prevent regeneration.

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