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Midnight - S4-E10

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene the Doctor and Donna are speaking over the phone. The purple phone Donna is holding shows the slot where a cable should be plugged in, but there is none. (00:00:25)


Turn Left - S4-E11

Revealing mistake: When the Doctor and Donna run back inside the TARDIS to find the console room lit up in red and the Cloister Bell ringing, what's visible outside of the doors as they run in isn't the bright Shan Shen street the TARDIS is parked on but the dark soundstage the set was built in. (00:47:49)

Silence in the Library (1) - S4-E8

Revealing mistake: When the Doctor notices the unnatural triangular shadow signalling the presence of the Vashta Nerada and points it out to Donna, the shadow appears over Donna when she's standing in front of it, showing that it's a special effect added to the shot afterwards. (00:11:10)


The End of Time - S4-E17

Revealing mistake: Adams, the female Vinvocci, has a tendency to wrinkle her forehead, which makes the fact that her spiky head is a cap the actress is wearing very obvious.

The Fires of Pompeii - S4-E2

Revealing mistake: When the Doctor and Donna are walking through the underground tunnels towards Mount Vesuvius, tunnels that can be presumed to be fairly warm due to their connections to volcanic activity, their breath is visible - something that only happens in cold temperatures. (00:31:20)

Partners in Crime - S4-E1

Revealing mistake: When the Doctor and Donna are attempting to smash open a window while stuck in the window-washing cart, there is a shot of them from above just before Foster cuts the cable in which banging sounds are heard and the cart is shaking, but if you look closely at them they aren't actually touching the window at all. (00:26:10)

The Sontaran Stratagem (1) - S4-E4

Revealing mistake: In the beginning, the ATMOS system takes the car to the Thames, then runs it into the river. At first, the car runs forward normally. After the angle change, there's a huge white cloud of mist behind the car that dissipates quickly, meaning an air cannon of a sort was used to propel the car into the river. (00:02:35)

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Silence in the Library (1) - S4-E8

Revealing mistake: Also applying to the second episode of the two-parter, "Forest of the Dead": The keyboards on the Library's computer terminals are very obviously standard Apple keyboards - this in an episode set in the 52nd century.

The Impossible Planet (1) - S2-E11

Factual error: The Doctor (and the staff on the station) refer to the idea of a planet being in orbit around a black hole as 'impossible'. It is not. Gravity (and physics in general) works perfectly well outside of the event horizon. For all practical purposes - regarding orbiting around it - the black hole might as well be any other object, as long as it has an equal mass. (00:07:15 - 00:08:30)

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Midnight - S4-E10

Question: Is there any information on the entity shown in "Midnight?" It seems interesting enough to have some depth to it. It seemed to be bad in nature. It also seems to have been exactly what the woman that was possessed was afraid of.


Chosen answer: No, no information is avalible for the identity of the entity.


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