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Time Crash - S3-E15

Question: Peter Davison makes a reference to a group called Lynda. Is this the same group from "Love and Monsters" and, if so, how does he know about them?


Chosen answer: Yes, it is the same group, although the circumstances of his encounter with them have never been revealed.

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Show generally

Question: Does anyone know why the BBC isn't showing these in the States at the same time they're released in the U.K.? The Christmas Special JUST aired on BBC America on the 27 June. I find it odd that they don't just release them on both stations at the same time.


Chosen answer: BBC America is a separate entity. It is not a "station" of BBC. It airs shows from other UK networks (ITV etc). So, for one reason, it must arrange its schedule to show the shows it wants to show. For another reason, the shows shown on BBC in the UK are paid for by taxes on UK TV sets. It wouldn't be very fair for BBC America not to pay for the rights to show the shows after all there are a lot more of us than them. All these payments and broadcast rights must be worked out for every show. In addition, BBC can sell to other networks as well (e.g. Dr Who and Primeval on SyFy, and Dr Who on PBS are generally another year behind BBC America)


Chosen answer: Given that their entire race was wiped out by the Daleks in the Time War and the Daleks are still around, I'd say that a Time Lord would have something to be vengeful for. That much power would go to anyone's head.

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Chosen answer: He likely means an empire where he, a Time Lord, rules over all creation.

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Chosen answer: Few details have been revealed within the show itself, although Russell T Davies has given a few pointers in an article that he wrote for a Doctor Who annual. He suggests that the Daleks consider the War to have begun with the Time Lords sending the Fourth Doctor back to interfere with their creation, as seen in Genesis of the Daleks. The Daleks took this personally and first tried to replace prominent Time Lords with duplicates, in a similar fashion to their attempt to infiltrate Earth as seen in Resurrection of the Daleks. A peace treaty was attempted, with both sides offering compromise (the Time Lords, for example, handed over the Master for execution, as seen in the 1996 TV movie), but ultimately failed, leading to escalation and eventually the declaration of full-scale war between the races. The war apparently lasted for several years, if a war that takes place on a temporal level can really be said to have a set duration, before the Doctor brought it to its apocalyptic conclusion of destroying all Time Lords and Daleks, as seen in "Day of the Doctor."

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Answer: I don't think we're ever told. You just see him being tied up and hear Son of Mine in the voice over.

Blink - S3-E10

Question: The main premise of 'Blink' is that the Doctor and Martha are stranded in the 1960s. The Doctor is immortal, so wouldn't he have caught up with the present day eventually, to sort out the problem with the Angels?

Answer: Well, technically the 60's are recent enough that both Martha and the Doctor would live through to the present day, but that's hardly an ideal solution, particularly for Martha, who probably wouldn't relish the idea of explaining to her family and friends why she's suddenly in her eighties. So, yes, technically speaking, the Doctor could just sit around and wait, but that's not really the Doctor's style, is it?

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Question: Episode 3-8 "Human Nature" - What is the waltz that plays during the Annual Ball called?

Answer: it is not real but some one on youtube has ripped the song from the episode LINK:

Answer: "Mah koreh, mah mah koreh": Hebrew for "What is happening?"

Chosen answer: There are no words. It's just strange alien music.

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Question: Why does the Doctor not generally travel with children? I mean 5 had Adric, and 11 was going to take Amy with him when she was just 7. Is there an in-show reason or is it because of how the show is made e.g. filming on location, maybe long hours shooting etc?

Answer: He doesn't, some may have been young, a few teenagers, but he's never taken anyone under 15 years of age.

Answer: It was most likely the reflector light from the bicycle Ryan threw off the hill and was retrieving.

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The Rings of Akhaten - S7-E9

Question: In Season 7 Episode 10 (and others) it's said that the TARDIS has a sort of "universal translator", even after the TARDIS leaves the submarine, they can understand and speak Russian. How come in this episode, they can't understand the aliens, for the most part, as they come out as a bunch of grunts, even though the TARDIS is in the area?

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Chosen answer: The only one that grunts is Dor'een, the alien trying to sell the moped. The reason for this could be the same reason why the TARDIS does not translate baby, horse or tree, to the others. A plot device just to show off the Doctor's intelligence.


Answer: The TARDIS is shown to dislike Clara, and could very likely be giving her issues with the translation for that reason. Also, because it's funny to see the Doctor barking like a dog.

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New Earth - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: As the camera zooms out when Rose is captured and Cassandra is about to "go" into Rose, the psychograft disappears, but in the next shot of Rose it appears again. (00:11:45)


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