Doctor Who

Flesh and Stone (2) - S5-E5

Revealing mistake: When the Doctor's jacket is being held by a Weeping Angel while he's monologuing about why they haven't killed him yet, he moves at one point and the Angel's hand moves with him, despite the fact that they're normally effectively stone in situations like this. (00:12:16)

Flesh and Stone (2) - S5-E5

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, when Amy attempts to seduce the Doctor, she pulls his suspenders off his shoulders and he pulls them back on. As a result, the suspenders change position between shots.

Flesh and Stone (2) - S5-E5

Factual error: The all important date of 26/06/2010 and it ticks over on Amy's alarm clock right at the end of the episode. However it shows 11.59 AM and flicks over to midday (12.00PM) the next day. The date should've stayed on 25/6 or, as I suspect was the intention, the clock should've read 11.59 PM and then ticked over to 12.00 AM thus changing the date correctly. (00:41:00)

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Trivia: "Torchwood" is an anagram for Doctor Who. Russell T Davies came up with it during the filming of Series 1 to label the tapes in order to prevent theft and potential leakage, and decided to use the name in the show proper.

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Chosen answer: The Master knows that deep down, he deserves death for the crimes that he's committed throughout his life, and since he regards The Doctor as his arch-foe, he expects it to be at his hands. The fact that The Doctor is still willing to forgive him for all of his crimes hurts him more deeply than death would.

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