The A-Team
Episode Title Mistakes
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Season 1
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1Mexican Slayride (1)0
2Mexican Slayride (2)2
3Children of Jamestown0
4Pros and Cons2
5A Small and Deadly War0
6Black Day at Bad Rock0
7The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas8
8The Out-of-Towners3
9Holiday in the Hills0
10West Coast Turnaround5
11One More Time1
12Till Death Do Us Part0
13The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing3
14A Nice Place to Visit4
Season 2
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1Diamonds 'n' Dust1
2Recipe for Heavy Bread4
3The Only Church in Town5

The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing - S1-E13

Continuity mistake: The Boeing 747 in this episode is supposed to belong to Beller Air, however exterior shots show the TWA Airlines logo.

Mister Ed
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B.A. Baracus: I'm gonna kill that crazy Murdock.

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Trivia: B.A. Baracus' full name was Bosco Albert Baracus.

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Show generally

Question: What were the machine guns The A-Team used?

Answer: Mostly M-14's. Occaisionally M-16's or Ingram Model 10's.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: They never use an M14. The nearly always use a Ruger Mini 14, a totally different weapon.


Answer: The machine guns primarily used were M60's or M60D's. Although there were a lot of sub-machine guns used too, like the Mac-10. For some reason other answers are talking about rifles used in the show.


For the reason is because most people don't know the difference between an automatic rifle, a sub-machine gun, and a machine gun. I.e. Die Hard "Ho-ho-ho now we have a machine gun" - actually a HK MP5K. M60D's are for helicopter door gunners. I suspect you mean an M60E3, with the pistol foregrip.


You suspect wrong. I did mean M60D since they were seen being used as helicopter door guns.


Only in the stock footage in the intro though.


Yes, because the question was asking what machine guns were used, but didn't cite a specific episode or anything, so I was being thorough.


The question is what machine guns were used by the A-team. Not that one.


So you think the question was what machine gun was used by the A-Team but not by the A-Team?


No. The A-Team never used the M60D anywhere in the series, you only see it in the stock footage of the intro. And the question was what machine guns the A-team used.


Which is stock footage of the A-Team.


That is most definitely not the A-team in the helicopter, they are just showing footage from the Vietnam war.

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