The Office

Health Care - S1-E3

Trivia: Creed Bratton plays the voice of the Industrial Coal Mine Shaft employee that Michael talks to on the phone when he's trying to come up with some surprise for the staff. (00:12:15)

Trivia: Four of the regularly appearing secondary characters have the same first name as the actress or actor that plays her or him: Angela (Angela Kinsey), Oscar ('Oscar Nunez'), Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) and Creed (Creed Bratton).


Viewing Party - S7-E8

Trivia: Michael says his favorite "Glee" character is "the invalid", referring to Artie Abrams. Artie is played by Kevin McHale. McHale appeared in one episode of "The Office", s04e03 (Launch Party), as the pizza delivery boy that Michael ends up "kidnapping."


Trivia: The address of Scranton Business Park, where the Dunder-Mifflin office is located, is 1725 Slough Avenue. The British version of "The Office" was set in Slough, England.


Money - S4-E4

Trivia: Creed says he transfers his debt to "William Charles Schneider" when he gets in trouble. Actor Creed Bratton was born William Charles Schneider. Schneider changed his name to Creed Bratton shortly after starting his music career, in the 60's, long before playing Creed Bratton in "The Office."


Trivia: Whenever you see Michael's desk it has a flag from England. This is a reference to The Office (UK), where they got the idea for The Office (US).


Trivia: There is a "Certificate for Participation" awarded to Marc Christie, which is framed and hung on the wall in the office. Christie was a best boy grip and key grip for the first two seasons of the show. The certificate still remained on the wall after he left (for example it can be seen in s04e03).


The Alliance - S1-E4

Trivia: The newsletter about the 80's party says "hopefully you will find a lot of useless information contained herein that will help you do your job better, faster, and quicker and cheaper and happier." It then goes on to say "as anyone can easily tell, this newsletter doesn't really have a lot to say. It's really just a prop to fill some space and sorta look like a newsletter without really being much of a newsletter at all."


The Office trivia picture

Trivia: In the synopsis of "The Alliance" on the DVD, Jim Halpert is incorrectly listed as "John", the name of the actor who plays him. It's not technically a mistake within the show, but worth noticing.

Cubs Fan

Traveling Salesmen - S3-E12

Trivia: When Angela and Pam are getting coffee, Angela tells Pam how Dwight got the tax forms to corporate for her, but said it happened to her "friend", Noelle. In the story it was "Kurt" who saved the day. Since Dwight's middle name is Kurt, this reveals that Angela's middle name is Noelle.


Search Committee - S7-E24

Trivia: When Creed is explaining if he likes being acting manager, the diploma in the top-left corner that always bears Michael's name is replaced with Creed's name. When closely examined, Creed's last name appears to be a variation of Braltum. (00:00:20)


Money - S4-E4

Trivia: When Michael is in Mr. Figaro's office, there's a flyer for Terry's Diner. This is a real diner located near Scranton (Moosic, PA) and the flyer has the diner's actual phone number (minus the 570 area code). It could also be a clue that Michael's 2nd job isn't in Scranton.


Last Day in Florida - S8-E18

Continuity mistake: Toby competes with Darryl to sell Girl Scout cookies. Toby says it's his daughter's first year selling them. However, earlier in the series, Toby agrees to sign Dwight's apology letter from corporate if he buys cookies from his daughter.

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Answer: No, but there are several currently available on eBay.


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