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Correction: The show acknowledges cameramen, the shadow doesn't break continuity.

Correction: The microphone being there was purposeful, the plot of the office is that it's a relatively low budget documentary series about an office. Any and all mistakes where equipment was seen were intentional to underline the possible inexperience of the crew in the TV shows universe.

The Alliance - S1-E4

Corrected entry: As the camera switches back and forth between Jim and Dwight as they discuss their plans to form an alliance, a microphone is seen hanging between the two actors.

Correction: The show is supposed to be a documentary, so any visible filming equipment can be considered proper in-universe.


The Fire - S2-E4

Corrected entry: There is a black microphone visible for a second at the top of the screen when Jim, Oscar, and Pam are walking out of the building. (00:04:00)


Correction: That is because they are constantly being filmed for a documentary. They do not try to hide the fact that there is a crew just outside the frame.

Correction: The board does not show number of days without an accident (or injury). It only indicated number of days without a loss of time incident. I've injured myself on The Job that didn't result in loss of time. Plus, the fact that they erased the number after Michael's screw up caused a big mess seems to indicate they were keeping track of days without screw ups that resulted in loss of productivity, not keeping track of days without injuries.


Jury Duty - S8-E13

Corrected entry: On multiple occasions, Angela claims to be a vegetarian, although in Jury Duty, she tells Oscar that when Phillip was conceived, there was too much wine in her chicken piccata. (00:14:20)

Correction: Characters will evolve. My sister was veggie until she got pregnant. I'm a chef and have seen this happen with people I don't know as well.

Lotto - S8-E3

Corrected entry: Oscar, Dwight, Jim, Erin, Kelly and Kevin are worried about a dog that have been left in a car, and that the dog will die. After some discussion, Oscar ultimately decides to smash the rear-driver's windows in order to give the dog some fresh air, yet there would be no point in doing this as the sun-roof is open, that's how Dwight pours milkshake into the car. (00:00:30 - 00:01:00)


Correction: Characters making bad decisions aren't stupidities. In fact, there were a lot of stupid choices the group made in that scene. Oscar was simply overly concerned and felt the window needed to be smashed. They simply didn't think an open sunroof was enough to allow air to circulate in the car (since air usually blows across, like into an open window, and not down). Plus Oscar smashes the taillight for good measure, so he may have just wanted to teach the owner a lesson. The group completes their bad decision making by putting cardboard over the broken window with a few holes punched in it, which wouldn't really help if they were that concerned it would get so hot.


Correction: That was part of the joke. They were all so concerned about the dog being left in the car that they failed to notice the sunroof. By the time they had noticed, they were so caught up in it all that they didn't mention the fact.

Business Ethics - S5-E2

Corrected entry: Meredith claims she is sleeping with the supplier of Hammermill products for the branch to get discounts and has been for six years. But Michael only got his branch to be able to sell their products in episode 3-2 "The Convention", two years earlier, so this is impossible.


Correction: She doesn't mention having slept with him specifically for the discounts, she also mentions that she gets Outback Steakhouse gift certificates. The only logical conclusion is that she had been sleeping with the rep primarily for the coupons, and then added on the discounts to the supplies when he just happened to become their supplier.


Correction: It's also possible that the rep she was sleeping with was not with Hammermill for the entire six years they were sleeping together. He could have easily been with another product line during those six years.

Garage Sale - S7-E18

Corrected entry: As Michael is getting ready to propose to Holly, he stops in the foyer and says, "This is where Toby announced that he was going to Costa Rica. Happiest day of my life." This is a discrepancy, as Michael was in New York partying with Ryan and Dwight when Toby made this announcement.


Correction: Michael wasn't there when he announced it to the office so he may have heard it in the foyer from Toby there after for the first time.

Suit Warehouse - S9-E11

Corrected entry: When the office is hyped up on espresso, they try to move the copier to the annex, consequently ripping up The Carpet. Oscar says that he always knew there was hardwood underneath but never thought he'd live to see it. This contradicts Season 7 Episode 23 when Dwight shoots a gun into the floor, and Oscar is offended that they would have covered the beautiful hardwood he noticed under The Carpet when inspecting the bullet hole.

Correction: When he initially sees the hardwood floor he can only see the bullet hole through wood, he doesn't actually "see" the hardwood floor until The Carpet is ripped.

Lecture Circuit: Part 2 - S5-E15

Corrected entry: In this episode Angela complains about the amount of leave time a woman gets when she has a baby. To which Meredith says 'she's right, I had my second kid just for the vacation'. But through the entire series, before and after this episode, Meredith has only had one child, a son.

Correction: Meredith only has custody of one child, her son, Jake. However, she has a daughter, Wendy. Wendy's father (one of Meredith's ex-husband) has custody of her.


The Whale - S9-E7

Corrected entry: When Wallace calls, Dwight asks why Wallace would call when the manager is out of town. In a later episode, Wallace claims to be ignorant of Andy leaving Scranton. (00:01:55)

Correction: Dwight saying that Andy is out of town, David Wallace may have just assumed Andy was out for the day and not necessarily for three months.

The Dundies - S2-E1

Corrected entry: At the awards ceremony, Jim is shown sitting at a table with Ryan, Kelly, and Toby. Seconds later they are shown again with Jim at a different table, and Toby and Kelly in different seats.

Correction: Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that Jim is sitting down at a table while Toby, Kelly, and Ryan are standing at the table. Dwight begins his introductions for Michael as the camera pans away to show Dwight, and also pans to Devon. Then we see that Kelly and Toby have sat down at a table near Devon. When you see Ryan next, he's standing/crouching near Jim in order to hold the cue cards for Michael. So it wasn't that Jim switched tables, but instead, he switched during Dwight's intro. Kelly and Toby walked over to their table (with time to do so) and Ryan went over to his spot to hold his cue cards.

A Benihana Christmas - S3-E10

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the episode when Dwight brings in the dead goose, they have a shot of Ryan who has candy in his mouth, but the camera cuts to Dwight, then back to Ryan, and the candy is gone.


Correction: It is possible that Ryan just swallowed the candy in those moments offscreen.

The Injury - S2-E12

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the episode they show a shot of Angela talking to Kevin by Stanley's desk. But then the scene cuts to Pam answering the phone near Jim, and Angela is suddenly at her desk. There is no way in that amount of time Angela could walk over to her desk.


Correction: Most TV shows don't run in real time, we don't know how much later the phone call takes place, Angela had plenty of time to walk to her desk.

Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In the first episode, Michael and Dwight are in the conference room about to announce the possible downsizing. When Dwight says "I give you permission," you can see outside the conference room on the back wall near the map, a boom and camera man's shadow. (00:11:10)

Correction: You can see the camera crew on purpose. The camera crew there is not a mistake because they are documenting all the people in the office. That's why the characters are having confessions and talking to the camera all the time.


The Banker - S6-E13

Corrected entry: After The Banker asks Toby if there is any inappropriate behavior, a few seconds later there is a flash back of Season 3 Ep. 22 when it is the Beach Games and Michael is hosting a hot-dog eating contest. Michael says to Phyllis to "Dip it in the water so it'll slide down - your gullet more easily." In the flashback version, everyone says "That's what she said." In the real version, no one says anything. Not to mention Toby wasn't actually at the beach day, Michael told Toby to stay because "Someone needs to stay at the office."

Correction: Everyone in the real version does say that's what she said.

Remember the office is supposed to be a real TV show. So the show can add unseen footage from scenes to other episodes and it's normal and completely fine. I thought it was weird at first too but then I thought about the fact that it's supposed to be a real show.

Money - S4-E4

Corrected entry: When Jan finds Michael sitting in the train car, she walks up wearing sunglasses. They begin talking, and the camera cuts to Michael. When it cuts back to Jan, the sunglasses are on top of her head.

Correction: I would assume that Jan decided to take off her sunglasses to talk to Michael and make a more personal connection with him. She put them on the top of her head to hold them while the camera was focused on Michael.

Traveling Salesmen - S3-E12

Corrected entry: When Michael is having 'Harvey the talking computer' talk to Pam and Jim, the screen of Michael's computer is shown several times. At a few points you can see that Harvey's comments have already been typed out in full long before he said them to Pam/Michael typed them up.

Correction: The screen is once in both the edited and unedited versions. The edited one shows what he is typing as he types. The unedited version has the actual mistake where the screen is to already have the responses typed in which is impossible since the responses were conditional.

Traveling Salesmen - S3-E12

Corrected entry: When Michael is playing with "Harvey the Talking Computer", at one point we briefly see the screen where he is typing in the text for Harvey to say. Near the top of the screen is the line "Pam is the receptionist," which Harvey didn't say.

Moose Premium member

Correction: Michael has been playing with Harvey for a while before Jim walks in, and therefore could have typed many things that we didn't hear Harvey actually say.

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Suggested correction: Michael didn't establish the contract with Hammer-mill. Rather, he locked them up as an exclusive supplier. It's unknown if they were already selling the products to Dunder Mifflin alongside Staples and Office Max.

Wrong, Josh says they cannot sell Hammer-mill products as they are exclusive to Staples so therefore they wouldn't have been able to sell there products alongside as mentioned before until Michael made them an exclusive to them solely, Dunder Mifflin. Therefore the original mistake stands true.

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Health Care - S1-E3

Trivia: Creed Bratton plays the voice of the Industrial Coal Mine Shaft employee that Michael talks to on the phone when he's trying to come up with some surprise for the staff. (00:12:15)

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Answer: No, but there are several currently available on eBay.


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