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3rd Rock from the Sun (1996)

12 quotes from season 5

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Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner - S5-E6

Dick: Does anyone remember why we all decided to be white?
Harry: Oh, um, I went with white ‘cause I thought it'd be a little cooler in the summer.
Tommy: Well don't you remember, Dick? All the television signals that we picked up in outer space were filled with white people.
Sally: Oh, except for that, uh, that black nerd with the hiked-up pants and the oversized glasses. What was his name?
Tommy: Bryant Gumbel.
Sally: Right.

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Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner - S5-E6

[The Solomons are sitting in their car after attending a white power rally.]
Sally: Well it's a good thing Barry White wasn't there.
Harry: Those guys were kinda creepy.
Tommy: Why do you think they burned that giant lower-case letter T?
Dick: I don't want to be a part of any group that hates the lower-case letter T.

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Dial M for Dick - S5-E4

Sally: I don't get it. For free, murder is a horrible tragedy, but you charge $100 for it, and suddenly it's a sophisticated night out.
Tommy: But it's inappropriate for kids.
Dick: This world does need more entertainment that's acceptable for children.
Harry: Something where people are nice to each other. Something where people can just love one another.
Tommy: They have that. It's called pornography.
Dick: Then that's what kids should watch.


The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary - S5-E9

Don: Sally? I want you to know that I accept you for who you are, and if we end up just being friends...
[Sally grabs and kisses Don]
Don: Sally!
Sally: Don. Oh man. Wow. You just kissed the gay right outta me.
Don: I did?
Sally: Uh-huh.
Don: What can I say? It's a gift.


Dick for Tat - S5-E2

Dick: Hello, Alissa. Tommy forgot his air freshener.
Alissa: What?
Dick: He was supposed to forget his bookbag, but he forgot to forget it.

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Chosen answer: Officer Don ended up appearing in 100 of 139 episodes, but I would say season 3 is when he become permanent as Wayne Knight's name appears in the opening credits. However, as he did appear throughout season 2 (first appearance S01E17), it's possible they already considered him permanent at that time since season 3's opening credits also included Simbi Khali (Nina) and Elmarie Wendel (Ms. Dubcek).


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