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Trivia: While most of the scenes from the "on the next Arrested Development" epilogues don't appear in subsequent episodes, they are still considered part of the show's canon.

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Trivia: In season three, the woman whom Michael thinks is his sister Nellie is played by Jason Bateman's real-life sister Justine. Likely a reference to the sitcom Justine co-starred on in the 1980s, she appears in the episode "Family Ties".

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Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: In the roof of the model home, George Michael hugs Lindsay while packing his belongings. In the shot where we see Michael watching them, they are standing apart, but in the following shot they are hugging again. (00:18:20)

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Barry Zuckerkorn: So basically you're about 2,000 shares short of being the majority stock holders. Now unfortunately it's a private stock so you can not just buy up the shares unless someone is willing to sell
Michael: Are you sure?
Barry Zuckerkorn: That's what it said on 'Ask Jeeves'.

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Chosen answer: "The One Where They Build a House," S2E2.

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