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2/10.A cheap disgusting insult to people from the South.It's utterly appalling what passed then and still does for entertainment on major networks.The people on this show had no dignity or problem insulting people from states they'd never meet.This was nothing more than a smear job by smarmy suit and tie jerks towards those of us who live down here.They view us as nothing but bad English speaking, Civil War re-enacting, hunting, tobacco chewing, NASCAR loving rednecks who deserve ridicule.I, as a native of Mississippi, with family from both here and Tennessee, others living in Texas and Louisiana say shame on them.They're all a bunch of sorry network snobs and actors who should be ashamed of themselves.Hollywood's still a cesspool.


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Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane: Ya dun scuffed my ve-hicle.

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Double Sting - S1-E13

Question: In this episode, Jessie, ticked off that he had to pay the boy's bail, says that the mortgage payment has to be made to Jason Higgins. I thought that J.D. Hogg held the mortgage to the Duke farm. Has my memory got a hole in it?

Answer: Hogg didn't own the farm and hold the mortgage until that episode. He says that he "bought aII Jason's hoIdings Iast week", but the Dukes didn't know about it and thought they still had to pay Higgins.

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