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Blake's 7 (1978)

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Cygnus Alpha - S1-E3

Revealing mistake: Stock footage of the London's launch from Earth is run in reverse when it lands, supposedly 8 months later, on Cygnus Alpha. What are the odds that a remote penal planet will have a launching pad with configurations, lights, buildings and background terrain all completely identical to the launch stage on Earth? (00:10:20)

Jean G

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Suggested correction: Airports resemble each other, prisons resemble one another. So do hotels, shops etc. Why isn't this possible?

Orbit - S4-E11

Plot hole: The drama on the crashing shuttle comes from the idea that a speck of Neutron material is super-heavy. Yet in the laboratory, Egrorian states that 8 Neutrons make up the core of the Tachyon Funnel. This would make it so heavy it would probably sink through the entire planet, yet Pinder, Vila & Avon wheel it about like the aluminium prop it is. And if the Neutrons are held in some sort of anti-gravity field, that would require an enormous amount of power, but Pinder uplugs it at Avon's request.

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Suggested correction: Neutrons and Neutron material do weigh differently. 8 neutrons would weigh 8 atomic mass units - immeasurably small. Neutron Material on the other hand is comprised upon trillions upon trillions of neutrons compressed by gravity into a very small volume (and is the theory behind black hole formation). A microscopic fragment of Neutron Material would indeed have a very very large mass, but too massive even for Avon to move. That and the fact that Neutron Material comes from a Neutron Star raises the question of how it was extracted, cooled and moulded into a lump of perspex.

Hostage - S2-E8

Other mistake: When Jenna teleports down near the end of the episode, she takes 3 bracelets with her. When they all teleport back up to the ship she still has all 3 bracelets on. Therefore Vila and Avon should not have been teleported up.

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Suggested correction: Jenna has 5 bracelets with her, she's wearing 3 and 2 are in her hands. She gives the ones she's holding to Vila and Avon. However, Ushton and Inga decided to stay and not transport back, therefore, she kept the extra 2 bracelets on her wrist.


Time Squad - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: During Blake's first encounter with Cally, the smudges on the front of his tunic (including a big chalky footprint left by her boot) disappear, reappear and rearrange themselves several times between shots. (00:31:20)

Jean G

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Blake - S4-E13

Trivia: It's not every day you can shoot your wife in front of millions of witnesses and get away with it. Klyn, the woman behind the console who sounds the alarm before Avon shoots her, was played by Paul Darrow's real-life wife, Janet Lees Price.

Jean G

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