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Games - S4-E8

Continuity mistake: Villa is carrying Orac and Soo Ling is about to play the quick draw game, cut to the bridge and Dana walks over to the captain's chair to contact Avon and the top of Orac can be seen in front of her.

Dawn of the Gods - S3-E4

Audio problem: Just as Zen is reporting that it can find no stars for navigational reference points, something crashes very noisily off screen. No, it isn't the arriving Dayna's clunky shoes. Much too loud, unless she's throwing them at something.

Jean G

Orbit - S4-E11

Character mistake: Whilst brutalising Pinder, Egrorian asks if he can feel his humerus grinding against his radius, but the bones in the forearm are the radius & ulna. The humerus is the single bone from the shoulder to the elbow.

Orbit - S4-E11

Audio problem: Just before Avon reveals Orac is on the shuttle, you can hear his operating noise. If we can hear it, so should Vila.

Orbit - S4-E11

Plot hole: Servalan & Egrorian discover their Orac is a fake when it continues to light up and make noises after the key has been removed. But this makes no sense; the key functions as it should during the demonstration. Even if it's to do with no longer being connected to the real Orac, with the shuttle getting further away it shouldn't function at all.

Orbit - S4-E11

Plot hole: The drama on the crashing shuttle comes from the idea that a speck of Neutron material is super-heavy. Yet in the laboratory, Egrorian states that 8 Neutrons make up the core of the Tachyon Funnel. This would make it so heavy it would probably sink through the entire planet, yet Pinder, Vila & Avon wheel it about like the aluminium prop it is. And if the Neutrons are held in some sort of anti-gravity field, that would require an enormous amount of power, but Pinder uplugs it at Avon's request.

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Suggested correction: Neutrons and Neutron material do weigh differently. 8 neutrons would weigh 8 atomic mass units - immeasurably small. Neutron Material on the other hand is comprised upon trillions upon trillions of neutrons compressed by gravity into a very small volume (and is the theory behind black hole formation). A microscopic fragment of Neutron Material would indeed have a very very large mass, but too massive even for Avon to move. That and the fact that Neutron Material comes from a Neutron Star raises the question of how it was extracted, cooled and moulded into a lump of perspex.

Gold - S4-E10

Continuity mistake: Dayna plants the grenade by the right-hand upright of the ladder. Yet when it detonates you can see the blast is to the left and in front of the guard; presumably to prevent it from going off right in the stuntman's face.

Project Avalon - S1-E9

Plot hole: During the entire standoff between Blake & Travis, there is a Federation guard with his hands on his head. Yet when the scene first begins, no-one else is and Blake is not holding a weapon on anyone. Neither has he revealed his play with the virus at this point. After he has done so and left, the same guard still has his hands up. Finally, after Travis has secured the virus, the guard STILL has his hands up.

Season 4 generally

Revealing mistake: The muzzles of the the crew's guns are usually empty, but when they need to actually fire them, you can see a black insert sticking out which is the little pyro charge.

Gold - S4-E10

Continuity mistake: When they shoot open the crate containing the gold, Avon is on the left & Keeler on the right. Avon fires and we see the right-hand lock explode, then Keeler shoots and the left-hand lock pops.

Rescue - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: After Scorpio has landed on Xenon, the lift rotates 180 ready for launch. Yet after Pella boards the ship, it is seen rotating again.

Headhunter - S4-E6

Character mistake: Tarrant says they can't land the ship without Slave. Yet in 4-1 "Rescue" he questions the competency of the automatic systems and offers to land the ship himself.

Rescue - S4-E1

Plot hole: In "Terminal" it is established the planet is artificial. So why would it suffer from earthquakes and have a molten core that spews lava?

Orbit - S4-E11

Trivia: After a homicidal Avon failed to find Vila aboard the shuttle, footage in which Vila emerged in tears was cut from the final version of this episode. (Only a few seconds of it remains.) The emotional scene was deemed "too intense" for the younger viewers.

Jean G

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