Blake's 7

Children of Auron - S3-E7

Other mistake: As the Auron pilot's ship is being brought aboard, a bad scratch on the special effects film briefly creates a large black gash on the hull of Servalan's whale-shaped spaceship. (00:03:05)

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Shadow - S2-E2

Other mistake: On the flight deck, when Vila says he can't remember anything "between meeting Largo and waking up back on the ship," Bek, sitting behind him, starts his next line too early, stops and waits for Vila to finish, then says it again. (00:30:30)

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Volcano - S3-E3

Other mistake: Just after Tarrant and Dayna teleport down, the power cord to Tarrant's gun comes unplugged and is hanging loose behind him. (00:03:15)

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Assassin - S4-E7

Other mistake: The number of buttons on the left shoulder of Tarrant's costume keeps changing throughout this episode. Most of the time, all 4 are there, but in several intermittent shots, one of the buttons is missing. (00:32:00 - 00:37:25)

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Ultraworld - S3-E10

Other mistake: Avon tells Vila to open the starboard airlock, but the exterior shots of the Liberator show there is nothing attached to the starboard side of the ship.

Mission to Destiny - S1-E7

Other mistake: Just after Cally says that the pilot's death was "a misfortune," she stands and her chair scrapes noisily on the floor. The sound apparently startled Paul Darrow, causing the always-unflappable, nerves-of-steel Avon to flinch: the only time in all four seasons that he's ever seen, albeit briefly, to break character.

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Hostage - S2-E8

Other mistake: When Jenna teleports down near the end of the episode, she takes 3 bracelets with her. When they all teleport back up to the ship she still has all 3 bracelets on. Therefore Vila and Avon should not have been teleported up.

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Suggested correction: Jenna has 5 bracelets with her, she's wearing 3 and 2 are in her hands. She gives the ones she's holding to Vila and Avon. However, Ushton and Inga decided to stay and not transport back, therefore, she kept the extra 2 bracelets on her wrist.


Time Squad - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: During Blake's first encounter with Cally, the smudges on the front of his tunic (including a big chalky footprint left by her boot) disappear, reappear and rearrange themselves several times between shots. (00:31:20)

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Stardrive - S4-E4

Trivia: The box-like entrances to the underground lair proved problematic for the Space Rat actors. When several of them were supposed to spill out on cue, the box walls and their heavy helmets prevented them from hearing the director, who repeatedly screamed "Action!" to no avail. A lone voice from inside the box eventually shouted back, "Can't hear you!"

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