Blake's 7

Blake's 7 (1978)

Episode list - season 1

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All season 1 mistakesMistakes
Show generally1
1The Way Back2
2Space Fall8
3Cygnus Alpha4
4Time Squad4
5The Web4
7Mission to Destiny8
9Project Avalon6

Cygnus Alpha - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When Vargas beams up to the Liberator just ahead of Blake, Gan & Vila, he challenges them when they arrive from the other side of the room - by stepping out of the teleport bay. But they're standing in the teleport bay, and Liberator has only one. So exactly where is Vargas standing? (00:48:15)

Jean G

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Orbit - S4-E11

Trivia: After a homicidal Avon failed to find Vila aboard the shuttle, footage in which Vila emerged in tears was cut from the final version of this episode. (Only a few seconds of it remains.) The emotional scene was deemed "too intense" for the younger viewers.

Jean G

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