Desperate Housewives

Moments in the Woods - S7-E18

Revealing mistake: When Felicia pulls the urn of Beth's ashes out of the bag in the house, Harriet Sansom Harris' left hand is briefly visible, including the fingers that Felicia is supposed to be missing.


Truly Content - S7-E3

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene with Tom and Lynette, Lynette is standing in the doorway to her house but the interior in the background is different to the interior of her house. there is a blue wall in place where an open plan stair should be. (00:01:00)

You Must Meet My Wife - S7-E2

Continuity mistake: When Mike comes home soon and finds Susan in sexy lingerie in the living room, the laptop reads 0:00:36. Mike grabs Susan in his arms while she desperately tries to shut off the laptop, but only seven seconds later the screen reads 0:06:33. Then the camera switches again and the laptop reads 0:02:47 when Susan finally shuts the screen. (00:14:45)


Searching - S7-E16

Other mistake: Lynette says "I also have a 9 year old", but on Penny's birthday not long before that she turned 11, and the only younger sibling Penny has is the baby.

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Suggested correction: And in the episode with Penny's 11th birthday, her parents forgot it was her birthday and in the last minute of planning, her birthday cake said "Polly." Hard to say if it was intentional to show what kind of mother she is or accidental/bad script writing.


Literally addressed in the show, she said she put the wrong name because they had been discussing the name for the baby.

Silly People - S2-E14

Carlos: You know who you are, Gaby? You're the kind of person who would have turned away Mary and Joseph from the inn.
Gabrielle: Well, they should have called ahead.

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Season 8 generally

Question: If Ramon Sanchez (Gabby's stepfather) lived in Oklahoma City and was reported missing by his wife who also lived in Oklahoma City, why would Chuck, who lives a plane ride away in Fairview, be investigating the case?


Answer: He was investigating the lead not the case.

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