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Factual error: Season 2, episode 20: Gabrielle visits Dale, her adopted child's natural father, at his high school and interrupts a pep rally for the football team's upcoming game. Dale, the team's Quarterback, even says that in the last game, he threw for 260 yards. The problem is that it is spring. Dale has just returned from a week in Florida for Spring Break. Football season is over. Basketball season should be over or ending soon. There couldn't have been a pep rally if the season is over.


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Factual error: In the ep in season four where Victor drifts ashore, someone calls the police officer at Gabrielle's home and informs him that Victor has been found. The officer answers the call, listens for about one second and then hangs up. In that one second he's gotten four sentences of information to pass on to Gabrielle about her husbands whereabouts. There wouldn't have been time to tell him so much in so little time.

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Factual error: When Gabrielle becomes a widow she marries Carlos again in front of a priest. But the Catholic Church doesn't admit divorce, so in their eyes Gabrielle and Carlos were still married. They should have repeated a civil wedding, since only the civil effects of marriage were ended with their divorce.

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Gabrielle: I feel a wave of morning sickness coming on, and I want to be standing on your mother's grave when it hits.

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Question: Where did Kayla go? When did they get rid of her and where did she go? And which episode is it?

Answer: Kayla was sent away in episode 16 (The Gun Song) in season 4, after falsely accusing Lynette of child abuse. She now lives with her grandparents - probably Nora's parents.

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