Desperate Housewives
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Show generally49
2Ah, But Underneath3
3Pretty Little Picture5
4Who's that Woman?6
5Come in, Stranger1
6Running to Stand Still4
7Anything You Can Do1
9Suspicious Minds12
10Come Back to Me3
11Move On0
12Every Day a Little Death9
13Your Fault2
14Love Is in the Air (a.k.a. What I Did for Love)8
16The Ladies Who Lunch0
17There Won't Be Trumpets0
18Children Will Listen3
19Live Alone and Like It (a.k.a. An Unexpected Song)0
20Fear No More2
21Sunday in the Park with George3
22Goodbye For Now0
23One Wonderful Day2

Epiphany - S6-E20

Other mistake: Throughout the sixth season Eddie Orlofsky attends school with Porter Scavo, and Danny Bolen, witch means they must be close in age. However, in season 6 episode 20, it is revealed that Eddie was in high school the same time as Danielle. This does not make sense due to the fact that while Danielle was in high school, Porter and Preston were about 10.


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Bree Van De Kamp: It's the age-old question, isn't it? How much do we really want to know about our neighbours?

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Show generally

Question: Where did Kayla go? When did they get rid of her and where did she go? And which episode is it?

Answer: Kayla was sent away in episode 16 (The Gun Song) in season 4, after falsely accusing Lynette of child abuse. She now lives with her grandparents - probably Nora's parents.

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