Desperate Housewives

Fear No More - S1-E20

Audio problem: As Carlos is giving his speech at the barbecue, Julie sees Zach and says to Susan "Oh God". After cutting to a shot of Zach and his father it shows Julie and Susan again. If you look to the right of the shot you will see Carlos' face is just looking in front of him and not speaking, but you can still hear him giving his speech whilst he is in shot.

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Come Back to Me - S1-E10

Audio problem: When Susan suspects someone might be in the house, the seduction music she has put on for Mike is drowned out by the score. When she accidentally hits Mike across the face, the score stops, but the music that was playing in the background has gone. The song in the background before now was music within the show, and it was loud enough to be heard around the house, so we should still be able to hear it.


Show generally

Audio problem: Season 2, episode 13 "Silly People"; When Eva Longorea drives home her husband is talking to a man. Their lips move, but no sound comes out.


Your Fault - S1-E13

Audio problem: At the school dance, the students are all dancing at a rapid pace when the music playing is a slow song, indicative that the music was dubbed in later.

Show generally

Audio problem: Season 3, Episode 6: "Sweetheart, I Have to Confess" - Right after Nora kisses Tom when she says "hey, lets have some more wine.", her lips don't match the words.


Show generally

Audio problem: When Gaby's charity modelling event takes place and Susan, after being roughed up by John Rolland's mother after mistakenly accusing her of sleeping with her son, Tom starts talking but you can see him in the left corner of the scene without his mouth moving at all.

Suspicious Minds - S1-E9

Audio problem: When the Stagehand says "Come on, you're up!" to Susan before she is about to go on the catwalk at Gabrielle's fashion show, the words do not match his lips.

Chromolume No. 7 - S6-E17

Audio problem: When Gaby goes to introduce Angie to Heidi Klum at the fashion agency, Gaby goes up to Heidi and says "It's me, Gaby." When the camera angle changes to behind Gaby in the next shot, she is saying the same thing again, but no words are coming out.

My Two Young Men - S6-E18

Audio problem: During the dinner scene at the Scavo's home, Lynette tells Irina that her son Preston is "blinded by a piece of Eurotrash who would sell her own mother for a pair of designer jeans." When the camera changes to behind Lynette in the next shot, she can be saying the words "designer jeans" again, but this time with no sound.

What More Do I Need? - S5-E7

Audio problem: When Lynette warns Anne to never lay a finger on her son Porter again, from behind Lynette's head she is still talking, but no words are coming out.

What More Do I Need? - S5-E7

Audio problem: When Lynette slaps Anne Schilling across the face in the wash room, a slapping sound can be heard after her hand goes past Anne's face.

Suspicious Minds - S1-E9

Audio problem: When Susan is on the catwalk at Gabrielle's fashion show, Tom announces what she is wearing, but if you look in the background you can see his lips are not moving when he is speaking.

Children Will Listen - S1-E18

Audio problem: When Lynette tells her sons to clean their teeth in the bathroom, the boys turn around and in the mirror you can see Lynette saying the same thing with no sound.

Thank You So Much - S2-E15

Audio problem: The opera singer seen at the beginning at the episode is dubbed. His lip movements don't quite match the tune.


TBA - S2-E17

Audio problem: Season 2, Episode 17: "Could I Leave You?" - Veronica's son's lip movements do not match when he tells her that he's thirsty.


Show generally

Audio problem: Season 6 Episode 17: When Gaby sees Paulina Poriskova in the restaurant, she puts out her arms and says, "Give me a hug!" but her lips barely move.

Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know - S5-E19

Other mistake: In an earlier episode where Edie and Susan are driving Martha Huber's ashes to the lake to be spread, Edie gets a flat tire and Susan changes it. In this episode, all the girls are driving with Edie's ashes and they get a flat tire. Susan asks "Does anyone know how to change a flat tire?" Did she forget how?

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Gabrielle: I feel a wave of morning sickness coming on, and I want to be standing on your mother's grave when it hits.

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Trivia: There are only two episodes of the show not to be narrated by Brenda Strong. They are "My Husband, the Pig" (Steven Culp) and "Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know" (Nicollette Sheridan).

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Season 1 generally

Question: When the housewives first met, what card game did they play?


Chosen answer: Poker. They have been playing that this whole time, once a week with everyone who was invited that lived on the Lane.

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