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Revealing mistake: Most of the first season's episodes follow a standard outline where, after the opening credits, Batman and Robin arrive in the Batcave via the Batpoles, run and enter the Batmobile and drive off, along the winding, dusty roads toward Gotham, then arrive in front of City Hall, exit the car and run up the stairs. But very quickly it becomes obvious that every bit of this is the same footage used over and over. As they get in the car, it's on a black platform which vanishes as the car starts moving. The same cloud of dust appears as the car's rear heads into the distance on the winding road, and the same crowd of people are in front of City Hall, nearly every episode.


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Revealing mistake: The Batcave was a stage set with no real exit for the car. So in many episodes where a shot is looking into the cave from the darker tunnel as the Batmobile approaches and passes to our right, the rear end of the car jumps upward and tire skid marks appear on the floor as the driver slams on the brakes to avoid hitting the studio wall that is out of the shot, while the audio suggests the car is still accelerating.


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Continuity mistake: When the Batmobile comes in, there's a turntable it parks on to turn it around. Sometimes it's seen for a moment as Batman and Robin get in, but then it's suddenly gone with no evidence of its existence a moment later.

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The Catwoman: You dismal bird! You and your submarine, Where has it got us now?
The Penguin: Shut up, you feline floozy.

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Trivia: The 1966 T.V. Batmobile was created from a decade-old "concept show car" designed and built in 1955 by Ford's Lincoln Division. It was called the Lincoln Futura, and was originally a pearlescent pale green. After several years on the car show rounds (and an appearance in one movie, repainted red), it was sold for $1 to George Barris who stored it outdoors for 6 years. When FOX called looking for Barris to build a car for the show, they gave him 3 weeks, so he grabbed this already-weird looking car he had out back, sketched a few changes and passed the physical work to Bill Cushenberry. It was finished on time and the rest is history.


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Answer: There wasn't one singular city used. It was shot in and around various locations in California, plus on a lot of sets and backlots. Ex. Some scenes were shot in LA, some in Pasadena, some in Santa Barbara, etc.


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