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Correction: One parent could easily be Italian (born in Italy and raised in America or lived long enough in America to lose their Italian accent). In fact, in Claudia's mind, even if one parent was born in America, but to Italian born parents, she would still be half-Italian.


Yes. I think that Tony Bustamante, Claudia's father, is the Italian one. He could have been raised in America by Italian parents. This does raise a question of why Claudia's Uncle Sal Bustamante ("We Are Family" episode), looks and acts more Italian than Tony. But perhaps he is only Tony's half-brother - i.e, he might have lived with a parent and other relatives who Tony does not share.

Pictures of Willy - S4-E21

Corrected entry: When Jimmy and Brad are talking to Emma (the deaf girl) near the end of the episode, Brad translates Emma's sign language for Jimmy, but when Jimmy talks, Brad makes no hand signs for Emma. Therefore, she shouldn't be able to understand what Jimmy is saying, yet she replies. She can't be lip-reading, or else she would have understood what Lily or Henry was saying upstairs in Jimmy's room (you could see from her reactions that she didn't understand either of them).

Correction: Jimmy was speaking slowly and saying it so she could easily read his lips, Lily and Henry were talking to fast for her.

You Can't Always Get What You Want - S1-E6

Corrected entry: When Sean is telling Eddie about what happened with Lily, he starts out by explaining that she wanted to go on a ski trip. But in the flashback where the family received Sean's mother's money, Sean told Lily that she wasn't going on the ski trip, and Eddie was there. So he heard this and actually knows already about Lily being mad about not going on the trip.

Correction: He is just recapping the events that Eddie knows then telling him what happened after.

Eddie and This Guy with Diamonds - S2-E19

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sean, Eddie and Walt are playing pool, right after Eddie tells Sean "Women say they don't want you to get them anything, 'cause they want you to want to get them something, it's proof of your desire to please them", Sean calls Eddie by his real name and says "Kevin I'm terrible at picking stuff out for her, you know.". (00:03:55)

Correction: He actually says, "Yeah, but I'm terrible at picking stuff out for her you know", so it's not a mistake.

Show generally

Factual error: In one show, Sean and Claudia are in Las Vegas. Sean is doing well at the craps table and starts showing off. One time he even throws the dice around his back onto the table. However, when players are playing craps, they have to keep the dice above the table at all times. People working at a craps table would not have allowed Sean to do what he did.

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Claudia: You were ambushed by elves?
Sean: Yeah, yeah. Santa's elves. The fat bastard sicked them on me.
Claudia: But your dad is Santa.
Sean: Yeah, and he's a fat bastard.

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Jimmy Was Kung-Fu Fighting - S1-E12

Question: How can Sister Helen give Lily detention when she sees Lily's tongue ring? She is at the Finnerty's house. Piercings are often a violation of school dress codes, but Sister Helen has not seen the piercing while at school.

Answer: It happens. One of my middle school/junior high classmates was suspended for fighting another classmate during the weekend, at a location nowhere near the school. Also, after Jimmy and Lily created the fake image of Sister Helen, it's easier for Sister Helen to get away with assigning an unfair detention.

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