7th Heaven
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 1
19 It's About George... 0
20 Say Good-bye 0
21 Dangerous Liaisons (1) 0
22 Dangerous Liaisons (2) 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 0
1 Don't Take My Love Away 0
2 See You in September 0
3 I Love You 0
4 Who Knew? 0
5 Says Who? 0
6 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do 0
7 Girls Just Want to Have Fun 0
8 Do Something 0
9 I Hate You 0
10 Truth or Dare 0
11 Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way 0
12 Rush to Judgment 0
13 Stuck in the Middle with You 0
14 Red Tape 0
15 Homecoming 0

Show generally

Revealing mistake: Throughout the entire series there is one staircase upstairs and two downstairs. And, they more than likely are not the same staircase because the two downstairs are on opposite ends of the house.

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Ruthie: You're the worst babysitter I ever had.
Simon: That's not what you said two hours ago.
Ruthie: Yeah, well that was before you made me wear the staircase.

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