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One Tree Hill (2003)


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Nathan: You realise I wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for you. If you'd stayed in your place at the river court I never would have met Haley. You ruined my life, man. You'd better watch your back.

Brooke: Easy on the skanky innuendo.

Nathan Scott: Trust me, you're better off anyways. Love sucks.
Peyton: Nathan.
Nathan Scott: No. Think about it. Dan and Karen. You and Lucas. Me and Haley. You got it right, Peyton. People always leave.

Chris Keller: What, you here to kick my ass because I slept with Brooke?
Nathan Scott: You slept with Brooke?
Chris Keller: Why else would you be here?
Nathan Scott: I came to pay for Haley's studio time. You slept with Brooke?

Brooke: Lucas was my gangrene-infected, amputated limb.

Brooke: Let's see, in ten years, I'll probably be married to someone like Marvin McFadden.
Anna: Who's Marvin McFadden?
Brooke: Of course, you all probably call him Senator McFadden or something. But we just call him Mouth.

Brooke: This is like dance auditions for "Crap, the Musical."

Ellie Hart: If you find someone you're in love with that's also your friend, wouldn't that be the greatest benefit.

Brooke: Thank you for coming, Nate.
Nathan Scott: Whatever, I just ran out of alcohol.

Erica Marsh: This is your room?
Brooke: Yeah.
Erica Marsh: It's nice.
Brooke: Well, it was until my parents sold all my stuff including one of the O's in my name, so now I'm officially "Broke Davis".

Jules: You didn't turn your cell phone off in a church?
Dan Scott: It might be God.

Brooke: Just the smell of it, like sports bras and desperation.

Peyton: Go Brooke yourself.

Peyton: Why don't you live with me?
Brooke: Sure, I'll get the school phone and call my parents.
Peyton: Why don't you just use your cell?
Brooke: My parents put me on this pay-as-you-go thing, and I haven't paid.

Brooke: You asked me earlier today if I love Lucas, and I have your answer. But you don't deserve to hear it.
Peyton: Brooke.
Brooke: No. I want you to understand something. As far as I'm concerned, this friendship is over. And if we never speak again for the rest of our lives, that'll be fine. I gave you a second chance, Peyton. And you blew it.

Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I know that you're hurting now more than ever and I don't want to make that worse but I need to tell you something. I lied to you about my heart condition. I have HCM. I need you. I need you now more than ever.

Haley James: Remembering what?
Nathan Scott: Your hair. You wore it that way the first day you tutored me.
Haley James: You remember how I wore my hair the first day I tutored you?
Nathan Scott: Of course.
Haley James: What else do you remember?
Nathan Scott: I remember the ugly-ass poncho that you wore.

Nathan Scott: Hey, where you goin'?
Chris Keller: Chris Keller's work here is done.

Dan Scott: How great is this? Dinner together... steaks on the grill... you not punching me.

The Games That Play Us - S1-E22

Other mistake: In the last episode of season 1, Lucas goes to see Haley and Nathan where they tell him they got married last night, which must have been after the playoffs game. However, in season 2 in flashbacks of their wedding they got married during the day.


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Like You Like an Arsonist - S3-E1

Question: I'm confused. Haley returns at the end of season 2 - aka the beginning of summer. But in season 3 episode 1 present day (3 months later) she is looking for a place to stay and greeting her friends as if she just got there. Where the heck did she go after Nathan left for High Flyers?

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