Little House on the Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder (1) - S7-E1

Stupidity: Charles and Caroline are dancing at the church social. Charles makes a comment about Laura getting married. Caroline responds with "I'm just dying to call you Grandpa." Mary's son just died. Charles has already been a grandfather. That comment was beyond insensitive, and just plain stupid as written. She should've said, I can't wait to call you Grandpa again.


To See The Light (1) - S7-E10

Stupidity: When Adam recovers from the accident that restored his sight, one of the first things that he wants to do is take a drive with his wife. He lost his sight as a young boy. I doubt that he could handle a rig without being shown how. Would you trust him?


Rage - S9-E4

Revealing mistake: When Laura picks up Baby Rose from Thomas Stark, the blanket is flipped up and you can see a plastic doll's leg, then when she goes into the bedroom, she has the real baby.

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Albert Quinn Ingalls: Ma, please don't tell me I'm too young to know how I feel.
Caroline: I wasn't going to tell you that, and don't ever raise your voice to me while you live in this house.

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Trivia: In the opening credits, the three girls are shown running down a hill that has several flowers growing on it. In reality, the flowers were fakes, and Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary) tripped over one of the fakes during one take and gave herself whiplash.

Jeff Swanson

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