Little House on the Prairie

Survival - S1-E21

Revealing mistake: The guys get the pregnant girl and her kids 50 lbs pounds of flour. She goes outside, people are talking about her and she runs. You can see tire tracks in the dirt road.

The Raccoon - S1-E10

Plot hole: The plot gets confusing here. First, Laura and Jack (the dog) are rabidly bitten by Jasper (her pet racoon). The doctor warns they may have rabies from the bite. A second more dangerous raccoon is discovered which eventually left the area. In the end, Charles (discovering there were two raccoons in the barn after finding Jasper remaining), says Laura is going to be OK after all. The main confusion is that Laura would still be in danger from the bite regardless of which untested raccoon bit her.

Harvest Of Friends - S1-E1

Other mistake: Charles can barely get up from his bed because of broken ribs, and it's totally impossible to breathe well, let alone moving sacks of grain. But in the end when the neighbors help with the sacks he's walking OK, as if he hadn't just fallen down from the top of the pile of sacks with broken ribs.

Laura: I wanted to clean the blackboards extra good today, to make up for being late.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: And talking in class?
Laura: I was not talking.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: You were, too.
Laura: Was not! Nellie was talking and I was answering.

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Trivia: Star Michael Landon was born 100 years after the real Charles Ingalls. Ingalls born 1836 and Landon born 1936. Lindsay/Sidney Greenbush (who played Carrie) was born 100 years after the real Carrie. Carrie in 1870 and the Greenbush twins in 1970.

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