Little House on the Prairie

There's No Place Like Home (2) - S5-E6

Other mistake: At the very end, Mr. Hanson is seen walking toward the church. Because of his stroke, he's slow and unsteady. We see several close-ups of his feet, showing how he's struggling. Two of those shots are the same footage. It's obvious, because you see that he drags his foot over a small stick in the road and stumbles - and in both shots, it is exactly the same.


The Third Miracle - S6-E4

Other mistake: After the stagecoach crashes and Mary discovers that neither Marge nor Adam can move, she tells Adam that she's going to leave the canteen for him and Marge. Neither one can move. Neither one is going to get the canteen to the other.


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2) - S6-E26

Other mistake: Charles has just brought Adam a letter to the site of the blind school rebuild. When Adam is told that his father died, he and Mary walk away from Charles. The terrain was very uneven. Being blind they realistically wouldn't be able to navigate it without stumbling.


Harvest Of Friends - S1-E1

Other mistake: Charles can barely get up from his bed because of broken ribs, and it's totally impossible to breathe well, let alone moving sacks of grain. But in the end when the neighbors help with the sacks he's walking OK, as if he hadn't just fallen down from the top of the pile of sacks with broken ribs.

Rage - S9-E4

Revealing mistake: When Laura picks up Baby Rose from Thomas Stark, the blanket is flipped up and you can see a plastic doll's leg, then when she goes into the bedroom, she has the real baby.

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Laura: I hate that Nellie Oleson.
Caroline: Laura! Don't say "hate" - don't even think "hate"! I'm sure Nellie has her good qualities somewhere.
Charles: Your ma's right, half-pint. Now on the way home, we'll try and think of some.

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