Little House on the Prairie
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 3
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Harvest Of Friends 1
2 Country Girls 0
3 100 Mile Walk 0
4 Mr. Edwards' Homecoming 0
5 The Love Of Johnny Johnson 0
6 If I Should Wake Before I Die 0
7 Town Party, Country Party 0
8 Ma's Holiday 0
9 School Mom 0
10 The Raccoon 1
11 The Voice of Tinker Jones 0
12 The Award 0
13 The Lord is My Shepherd 1
14 Christmas At Plum Creek 0
15 Family Quarrel 0
16 Doctor's Lady 0
17 Plague 0
18 Circus Man 0
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Laura: I wanted to clean the blackboards extra good today, to make up for being late.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: And talking in class?
Laura: I was not talking.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: You were, too.
Laura: Was not! Nellie was talking and I was answering.

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