Little House on the Prairie

A Christmas They Never Forgot - S8-E11

Character mistake: Caroline recalls a Christmas after her mother remarried after her father dies when she was about 12 years old. But in a previous episode Caroline's real father is visiting righting his memory book.

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Suggested correction: The man you're talking about, from s06e11, "Author! Author!", was Fredrick Holbrook who was in fact Caroline's step-father, whom she grew close to and regarded as if he were her natural father.


Laura: I wanted to clean the blackboards extra good today, to make up for being late.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: And talking in class?
Laura: I was not talking.
Mary Ingalls Kendall: You were, too.
Laura: Was not! Nellie was talking and I was answering.

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Trivia: In the opening credits, the three girls are shown running down a hill that has several flowers growing on it. In reality, the flowers were fakes, and Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary) tripped over one of the fakes during one take and gave herself whiplash.

Jeff Swanson

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