Little House on the Prairie

The Talking Machine - S2-E13

Continuity mistake: When Jason and Laura are flying the kite in one scene, there is heavy rain, thunder, and lightning and dark storm clouds shown in the sky, but on the ground showing the kids, the sun is shining on them (note the shadows).

The Talking Machine - S2-E13

Factual error: Jason mentions to Laura that someday there will be a "steam powered airplane." The word "airplane" did not even exist at that time - "flying machine" or so would likely be used during that era.

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Suggested correction: The WORD "airplane" already exist on that time, from 2nd half of 19th century, in french "aeroplane", check on pls.

Albert Quinn Ingalls: Ma, please don't tell me I'm too young to know how I feel.
Caroline: I wasn't going to tell you that, and don't ever raise your voice to me while you live in this house.

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Trivia: In the opening credits, the three girls are shown running down a hill that has several flowers growing on it. In reality, the flowers were fakes, and Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary) tripped over one of the fakes during one take and gave herself whiplash.

Jeff Swanson

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