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Question: At the start of every episode, it shows a man dressed in black carrying a black briefcase with the name R.L. Stine on it. Is the man in black really R.L. Stine or a crew member, and we are meant to only think it's Stine?

Answer: According to all online sources I found, yes, this really was R.L. Stine.

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Attack Of The Mutant (2) - S2-E3

Question: How are the comics still being written? The Masked Mutant is dead and it's kind of obvious that the Galloping Gazelle is going to retire, so how is Skipper still receiving them? Also, how did he change into a superhero?

Answer: Whoever created the Masked Mutant comics would still be around to create other comics even with the Masked Mutant dead and the Galloping Gazelle retiring, so Skipper could still receive different comics with all new characters. When Skipper goes into the Masked Mutant's lair, he is hit with a beam of light that turns him into a comic book character so after saying that he's the Colossal Elastic Boy, he turns into the hero at the end of the episode.

Answer: He is referring to Dolly the sheep who was cloned.

Answer: He repeatedly warns him against using the universal remote for bad purposes. However, Seth, blinded by remote's abilities, completely ignores and disregards Tony's warnings and uses the remote when and how he pleases, which eventually turns against him.

Answer: He probably does. In the book, it is explained (after Larry is a dog again) that everyone in the town works for Dr. Murkin. He could be a realtor who lives in another town/city, however, I doubt that Dr. Murkin wants many "outsiders" around.

Answer: The book says that some couples would move away because they were upset when the children turned back into dogs permanently. Not necessarily because they didn't want dogs. It was too difficult for them to own the dogs that had served as their children for years.

Why can't they tell their friends that they're moving? Without telling them it made them confused.


The "parents" probably want to leave in a hurry and be done with the town. Even if the "children's" friends are confused. And they know that the other children could turn back into dogs soon, anyway.

Answer: They were couples who couldn't have children and were part of an experiment where dogs were turned into humans. Once Lily and Manny turned back into dogs they left the project because they didn't want dogs.

According to the book, they didn't necessarily leave because they didn't want dogs. They were too upset when the children turned back into dogs.

Answer: Because she is the one with the magical powers that make the wishes come true so it doesn't affect her.


Click - S3-E5

Question: What happened to Seth after he got stranded in the empty, black void? Did he die?

Answer: Seth's fate was left undetermined, so it's unknown if he is alive or dead.

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Attack Of The Mutant (1) - S2-E2

Other mistake: In part 2, it was revealed that Libby was really the Masked Mutant all along but, in one scene in this episode, Libby is sitting next to Skipper while the Masked Mutant is standing on top of the bus.

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