8 Simple Rules... For Dating My Teenage Daughter

Opposites Attract: Night of the Locust (3) - S2-E15

Other mistake: The filming of the spycam at the dance doesn't make sense. Grandpa and Judy are roughly the same height. The spycam was placed in his shirt pocket. Yet, when he looks over at her, her head is right in the middle of the shot, when in reality it would have been much higher up, and likely out of frame.


Volleybrawl - S3-E17

Revealing mistake: The same shot of Ceri's team missing the ball and the oposing team winning the point is used several times. You can tell it's the same shot by the way a certain character jumps.

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Season 3 generally

Continuity mistake: In "Coach" (Season 3, Episode 7), Kate says that Mrs. Krupp's first name is Alice. However, in "CJ's Temptation" (Season 3, Episode 14) CJ says that Mrs. Krupp's first name is Mindy.


No Right Way - S2-E6

Factual error: When Kyle and Kerry go to the arcade, they look around to see which game they want to play. Kyle suggests the dancing game, which, although the name is not displayed, is Dance Dance Revolution. The current screen is the song select, which only appears after a token has been inserted and the game has started. It takes at least two presses of the start button to get to that screen, yet Kyle still feels the need to insert a token for some reason. Also, although this is trivial, the difficult setting on which they play is Beginner, which is laughably easy and doesn't require any of the theatrical dance moves that Kyle and Kerry perform.


Kerry: Like Oh My God, my name's Bridget and I can't believe how much my head shakes when I talk.

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The Sub - S3-E13

Trivia: CJ catches one of the students reading a magazine in class and takes it from him. He says, "What is this, July? I don't have this one." as he peruses it. This is an ode to a line in the movie Joe Dirt. Joe Dirt's (also played by David Spade) line when he is in captivity by Buffalo Bill is, "Auto Trader! Ooh, August, I don't got this one!"


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Answer: It would probably be breaking copyright (and rather long) to post them here, but here's a link to the author's website where they are listed: http://www.wbrucecameron.com/columns/8rules.htm.


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