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84 mistakes in season 3

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Mr. Monk and the Blackout - S3-E3

Deliberate mistake: As Monk is using the night vision goggles in his house the lights suddenly come back on and continues on still thinking that the intruder cannot see him. The light coming on should have blinded him or at the very least he should have been able to tell there was more light than before even if he hadn't had much experience using the goggles. All the lights in the house come back on and the amount of light would be too noticeable with night vision. This would have been deliberate as Monk continues to think the intruder still doesn't see him in the dark and is part of the joke in the scene.

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Mr. Monk and the Panic Room - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: Whilst Randy and Sharona are in the kitchen feeding the monkey you can see near the start of the shot that Randy has his right arm leaning against the kitchen counter top. In the next shot his arms are suddenly folded.

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Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever - S3-E12

Other mistake: When Stottlemeyer is about to eat his cake he is looking at Monk. Shortly before he starts to pick up a piece of cake you can see he is pretending to chew a piece in his mouth. Throughout the scene you can see Stottlemeyer's face and the cake. At no point before he pretends to chew does he put a piece in his mouth.

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Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf - S3-E6

Continuity mistake: About midway through, the new nurse is sitting on Monk's kitchen counter eating a sandwich. She puts the sandwich down on a plate as she hops off, the shot switches to another angle to include Monk as she walks away, and the sandwich has suddenly jumped off the plate and is now lying on the counter a few feet away. Neither of them had time to pick it up or move it.

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Mr. Monk Gets Fired - S3-E4

Factual error: As Monk is removing the crumbs off the keyboard, he flicks one crumb away from the backspace key. It gets flicked up and lands near the 0 button on the numeric keypad. Yet when this happens, the screen then says "Do you want to delete files?" as if he hit the delete button.

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Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: When Monk is lost in the street crowd after getting pushed into the subway car, his left shirt collar is sticking up over his coat. It's still up when he puts his hands to his head, but is tucked neatly back in in the next shot, though he still has both hands on his head. A few seconds later, it's the right collar flap that's sticking out instead.

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Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the episode, right after Ray Galardi kills Steve Marriot, Galardi puts him in the passenger side door of his VW Beetle and drives him up inside the dump-truck. Galardi puts him in the VW driver's seat, and walks around to the other side of the Beetle. This is all well and good, but, Marriot's head switches positions from the time when Galardi puts him in the car to the time he walks around and starts the engine.

Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine - S3-E9

Continuity mistake: In Stottlemeyer's hospital room, a medicated Monk finishes off the leftover pudding from the food tray. Then, while he's talking to them, the pudding smeared on his upper lip disappears and reappears between shots.

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Mr. Monk and the Panic Room - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: Darwin the chimp pulls a large blue bowl from Monk's kitchen cupboard and throws it on the floor, breaking it. We cut to a close-up of Darwin spinning, then pull back as he starts pulling out glasses - and the blue bowl is back on the shelf, intact. When the angry landlord enters, Darwin pulls the same bowl from a different shelf and throws it again.

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Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: After Monk has been found in the coffin, Natalie and the captain comment on his smiling and the camera shows the candle has melted down all over Monk's hand. Then when the camera comes in closer, the candle is whole again and monk's expression has changed a little from the previous shot.

Mr. Monk and the Panic Room - S3-E2

Deliberate mistake: All the dishes that are usually neatly arranged in Monk's kitchen cupboards (pots, pans, stacks of plates etc.) have been replaced here by cheap plastic ware, so that Darwin the chimp can pull them all out and throw them. Though we hear shattering-glass sound effects as they supposedly hit the floor, the dishes Darwin bangs together and throws are very obviously plastic.

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Mr. Monk and the Red Herring - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: At the science fair, after Lyle Peck lights the poster on fire he puts the Bunsen burner onto the table a little away from its original position but when the camera angle changes it is back where it originally was, under the beaker and stand.

Mr. Monk and the Kid - S3-E16

Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence, the uniformed cop who finds toddler Tommy holding the severed finger bends down and says, "What've you got there, big guy?" In full shot, the cop is bare-handed. But when we cut to a close-up in the middle of his line, he's suddenly wearing a latex glove.

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Mr. Monk Gets Fired - S3-E4

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, the orange-and-white scarf that Paul Harley uses to blindfold Lorissa changes positions and color patterns repeatedly between shots as he escorts her from the pool to the garage.

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Adrian Monk: I don't know how he did it. But he did it.

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Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico - S2-E2

Trivia: According to co-producer Tom Scharpling, the Mexican homicide cops are purposely written as parodies of Stottlemeyer and Disher, right down to their attitudes, their ranks, their suits, and Captain Alameda's mustache. Even the bumbling lieutenant's name is a little joke on Disher. Plato means "dish" in Spanish.

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Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike - S5-E2

Question: Why would it have been political suicide if it was discovered that Mayor Nicholson was secretly meeting with Cusack to end the garbage strike? If anything, if the people found out that they were meeting to find a way to end the garbage strike, wouldn't that have made everybody happy considering how much garbage was piling up all over the city?

Answer: The two men are trying to work out a secret deal between them without involving the union, which means the workers' interests aren't being represented and defeats the whole purpose of a union. The mayor would lose labor's support and Cusack's union troubles would just be starting.

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