Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic - S3-E13

Factual error: Monk inspects the wrecked VW Beetle and notes that "the air conditioning is off." But it's a standard 1973 VW: they didn't come with A/C, and though you could add it, it tended to overstress the little air-cooled engine. Look closely and you can see that this VW does not have the bulky under-dash compressor needed to run an add-on A/C.

Jean G

Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever - S3-E12

Factual error: Randy calls the cabin and gets a "not in service" message. But he should have heard an unanswered ring instead. The FBI agent tore the cord from the wall, which in the US does not generate a "not in service" recording. That only occurs when the phone company cuts off your service due to non-payment or cancellation. (00:30:00)

Jean G

Mr. Monk Gets Fired - S3-E4

Factual error: As Monk is removing the crumbs off the keyboard, he flicks one crumb away from the backspace key. It gets flicked up and lands near the 0 button on the numeric keypad. Yet when this happens, the screen then says "Do you want to delete files?" as if he hit the delete button.

Lummie Premium member

Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine - S3-E9

Factual error: The medication Monk is given is called Doxinyl, which is a real medication, but it's an antihistamine, used to relieve allergy symptoms, nothing to do with OCD and certainly wouldn't cause the side effects shown.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Mr. Monk and the Panic Room - S3-E2

Factual error: The cops gain entry to the panic room to be faced with a chimp waving around a loaded handgun, apparently having shot a man, and shrug and make jokes about reading him his rights, instead of expressing the slightest concern that this animal might shoot them. Cops shoot remotely aggressive dogs all the time, but an ape with a gun doesn't even make them raise an eyebrow. Plus the police never did a gunshot residue test on the chimp. Standard procedure, and would've proven they didn't shoot.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan - S3-E1

Factual error: In the episode the victims were murdered with a .22 caliber firearm. However, a short shot of the crime scene focuses on an empty shell casing which comes from a larger caliber firearm, most likely a 9mm parabellum. (00:05:30)


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Suggested correction: Randy says when that uncle dies that they were never close, so his leaving him the farm comes as a total surprise. It's still a character mistake, however, Randy is established as the sort of person who could "blank out" a relative that long-lost.

Captain Defenestrator

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Trivia: The flight attendant Monk drives crazy in 1-13 is played by his real-life wife. She also plays Sheriff Butterfield in "Monk visits a farm"and the crazy cat lady in 8-14.

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Answer: Stottlemeyer was already upset after the phone call. He was trying to get "Kevin" (who would have to be a judge, but no further character information is given) to issue a restraining order with no evidence of needing one, except that Adrian Monk said she needs one. Kevin said he would need to "sleep on it." So it's clear they've been trying to provide protection and unable to get the results they need, which seems to be based on no one trusting Monk the way Stottlemeyer does. He's just angry that they failed to protect Linda despite all their work. Although it does feel like a scene was cut, or altered, from the show that shows the futile attempts to protect Linda which built up to his outrage.


Answer: While walking upstairs in the victims house randy starts messing with his out of place tennis shoes. When he gets upstairs to monks he has on other shoes. Could have to do with the expensive rug.

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