Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever - S3-E12

Other mistake: When Stottlemeyer is about to eat his cake he is looking at Monk. Shortly before he starts to pick up a piece of cake you can see he is pretending to chew a piece in his mouth. Throughout the scene you can see Stottlemeyer's face and the cake. At no point before he pretends to chew does he put a piece in his mouth.

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Mr. Monk and the 12th Man - S2-E9

Other mistake: In the scene where Mr.Babcock is murdering the woman in the cinema, we see the woman has a big bucket of popcorn. As he starts strangling her, only a small amount of popcorn falls out. When the camera turns toward the floor there is a lot more popcorn on the floor and it it is spread right across the screen.

Mr. Monk and the Three Julies - S6-E13

Other mistake: When Julie sits down with Randy eating ice cream, she's says "vanilla fudge, my favorite." But the carton is labeled "chocolate." Plus Randy says he got it out of her freezer, so she would know she bought just regular chocolate ice cream.


Mr. Monk Meets His Dad - S5-E9

Other mistake: When Jack Monk is filling up his truck, the numbers on the pump don't add up right and keep changing. The cost is $3.599/gallon, but in one shot you see the sale price reads $93.78 for 28.348 gallons. The sale price should be $102.02. But in a later shot, he's only pumped 27.126 gallons. Then when he hits $100 sale price, it's for 31.259 gallons ($3.199/gallon) but in the next shot it reads 27.719 gallons.


Mr. Monk Stays in Bed - S4-E3

Other mistake: During the flashback of the perpetrator beating up the victim with a baseball bat, the shot is visibly spliced and there's a jump cut while he is between swings of the bat. (00:32:50)


Mr. Monk Bumps His Head - S4-E11

Other mistake: The diner Monk enters to eat something after the truck driver gave him five bucks is the same diner that Christie and Sharona are waiting in to meet Monk after work in the episode Monk and the employee of the month. But while this episode is said to be in Wymington, the earlier one is set in San Francisco.

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Suggested correction: This is trivia at best. While the set may be reused, it's not meant to be the same diner. It might be a chain restaurant so they look similar, but the seats inside are different.


Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival - S1-E5

Other mistake: Kitty, the killer, is seen running to Gitomer after Lt. Kirk leaves him. She is supposedly running to stab him, but you can see that both of her hands are empty as she dashes to his side.

Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs - S7-E13

Other mistake: At the end when Bob Costas is signing off, the mic is in his right hand with the window on his right). When it switches to Natalie watching the upside down TV, the image on the screen is a flipped image (so that the mic is in his left hand and window is on his left). The broadcast wouldn't be a flipped (or mirrored) image than what we see, otherwise, everything the viewer is watching would be backwards (like the writing and numbers).


Mr. Monk and the End - Part I - S8-E15

Continuity mistake: In 3-7 "Employee of the Month", Joe Christie says he was with Monk when he got the news of Trudy's death. He said Monk had been laughing, and that he never heard him laugh again. In this episode Monk and Stottlemeyer get called to the scene of a crime, a women's clinic. In this episode there is a flashback to the exact same location years earlier and to Stottlemeyer getting the phone call about Trudy's death. He and Monk were working a case that day and Joe Christie was not present.

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Adrian Monk: I don't know how he did it. But he did it.

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Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico - S2-E2

Trivia: According to co-producer Tom Scharpling, the Mexican homicide cops are purposely written as parodies of Stottlemeyer and Disher, right down to their attitudes, their ranks, their suits, and Captain Alameda's mustache. Even the bumbling lieutenant's name is a little joke on Disher. Plato means "dish" in Spanish.

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Answer: Stottlemeyer was already upset after the phone call. He was trying to get "Kevin" (who would have to be a judge, but no further character information is given) to issue a restraining order with no evidence of needing one, except that Adrian Monk said she needs one. Kevin said he would need to "sleep on it." So it's clear they've been trying to provide protection and unable to get the results they need, which seems to be based on no one trusting Monk the way Stottlemeyer does. He's just angry that they failed to protect Linda despite all their work. Although it does feel like a scene was cut, or altered, from the show that shows the futile attempts to protect Linda which built up to his outrage.


Answer: While walking upstairs in the victims house randy starts messing with his out of place tennis shoes. When he gets upstairs to monks he has on other shoes. Could have to do with the expensive rug.

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