MacGyver (1985)

3 mistakes in season 4

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The Outsiders - S4-E3

Continuity mistake: Here as in every episode where MacGyver's Jeep appears, it's the '80s model with the square headlights. When we see him fixing the Jeep after the wreck, the headlights (or at least the holes left by them) are the older round ones.

Blood Brothers - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the gang are chasing after the two kids, it is raining and the street is wet. They stop chasing and turn around when they see a police car go by. In the first shot of the police car, the street is completely dry. (00:05:45)

Captain Defenestrator

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Answer: Late one night, Geoffrey used a covert listening device to overhear David explaining his barricade device to Janet which is how he figured it out.

How do we know Geoffrey really did use a covert listening device? They didn't mention him using one.

There was a scene of him using it when David told Janet about his barricade.

Answer: There was a scene of him going to his room and as soon as David and Janet went into David's room, Geoffrey took the listening device out of hiding and pointed it at David's door enabling him to hear everything.

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