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Thief of Budapest - S1-E3

Corrected entry: In the scene where MacGyver is meeting his contact Grotsky in the park, Grotsky is reading a paper. Though the story is set in Budapest, the paper Grotsky is holding is Dutch: De Telegraaf. De Telegraaf has a very distinctive logo. As Grotsky folds the paper the letters "De T" from its logo can be seen. Plus a word from a head line "strijd". It seems as though they knew they had the wrong paper: Grotsky is trying his best to obscure as much of it from the camera as possible. (00:10:00)

Correction: Budapest is a huge city with lots of nationalities there for business or tourism. It is not unusual to find newspapers from foreign countries in a large International city. I can find newspapers from all over the world at a news stand in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: During the opening scene, right before Mac and the guy he rescued are going to jump off the cliff, Mac shoots The Gun. As most fans will know, Mac doesn't shoot guns, and hasn't since the "childhood tragedy".

Correction: So, what's the mistake here? No mistake in this episode, certainly - if subsequent episodes say that he's not fired a gun in that time, then there's an argument that there's an error in those episodes, but him firing off a gun in this episode cannot be considered a mistake.

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Trivia: MacGyver's first name, which is hardly ever mentioned, is Angus.

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Show generally

Question: I never saw the whole episode but a young girl tells MacGyver that she walked into a garage and witnessed two men torturing another man strapped in a chair by making him listen to a high pitched sound that ended up killing him. Later, when she goes back to the house, the garage is empty and two old people living there say that they were the only ones there and that the girl must be mistaken and in the wrong house. What is the name of this episode and what really happened?

Answer: Perhaps s02e13, "Soft Touch." Penny Parker (player by Teri Hatcher, who would have been 22 at the time) crashes at Mac's place. She performs singing telegrams and takes Mac's Jeep to her next job, but goes to the wrong house and sees 3 men torturing someone. She drives away and the men chase her, noting the license plate of the Jeep. Penny convinces Mac to help, but she's unable to remember which house it is. Later, the men find out where Mac lives and kidnap Penny and a Serbian (a guy from the beginning of the episode), Mac follows and he reveals the bad guys' plot to kill someone at city hall involved in a drug case. The three rush over to city hall and prevent a bomb from going off and the bad guys are captured.


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