Kicking And Screaming - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Nikki is riding her bicycle while Cameron walks alongside her, a lock of hair is in front of her shoulder in a long shot, but all of her hair is completely behind her back in the close shots that immediately precede and follow the long shot.


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Factual error: In episode 2-11: "Safe House," Bradin's PSAT score report is shown. He has a 726 verbal and a 746 math, for a total of 1472. However, the PSAT has three sections - verbal, math, and writing skills - and each is scored on a scale of 80 points, not 800. So PSATs run on a scale of 240, not the familiar 1600 that the SAT used until earlier in 2005.


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Ava Gregory: You are not the only one who lost somebody.

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