Reno 911!
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 0
2 Fireworks 0
3 Execution Tickets 0
4 Clementine's Pregnant 1
5 Jones Gets Suspended 0
6 Help from the FBI 0
7 Wiegel Suicide Watch 0
8 Clementine Gets Married 0
9 Garcia's Anniversary 0
10 Burning Man Festival 0
11 Dangle's Moving Day 0
12 Terrorist Training: Part 1 0
13 Terrorist Training: Part 2 0
14 Halloween 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 0
1 Dangle Gets Promoted 0
2 Wiegel's New Boyfriend 1
3 British Law 0

Show generally

Revealing mistake: In the episode with Fast Eddie McClintock, there are two revealing mistakes in the scene where Fast Eddie jumps the roadblock. First, the ramp he jumps off of is visible in numerous shots before he shows up. Second, explosive charges can be seen in the wheel wells of the police cars before they run over the spike strips.

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Deputy Trudy Wiegel: As far as joining the FBI is concerned, let me put it this way. I failed a test to get in a book club.

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Trivia: Many of the suspects have their faces blurred partially to keep true to the original "Cops" format, but also because some of them are played by the same actors who play the officers. (T.T. and Jackie the Hooker, for example.)

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