I Dream of Jeannie

Djinn, Djinn, the Pied Piper - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: When they are in the park, Roger is sent to the phone booth to call Jeannie, but ends up having a conversation with the operator. When Dr. Bellows pulls up, the phone booth is empty. Yet, a few minutes later, Roger is shown still in the phone booth. Because he mentions the original reason for his call, it is clear that this is supposed to be the same conversation.

Invisible House For Sale - S4-E16

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of this episode, Major Nelson is about to prune a tree branch in the front yard, but Jeannie blinks it down before he can cut it. The wire that was holding up the branch is visible just above Major Nelson's head. (00:00:05)


How To Marry an Astronaut - S4-E10

Continuity mistake: The final scene of this episode is in Major Nelson's living room. Just after Jeannie blinks in the invisible minister, there is a quick shot of Major Nelson turning his head, but the background is an office at NASA, with green paint and paneling. Major Nelson's home has paneling but no green paint. (00:29:50)


Show generally

Factual error: In several episodes where Tony Nelson is in a space capsule and communicating with Cape Kennedy personnel via radio, he ends his calls by saying "Over and out." In radio communications, "Over" means "I am done talking. Please respond." "Out" means "I am done talking and I am ending this communication." The two words are used individually, never together.

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Suggested correction: Tony is wearing Major rank, which is the gold leaf. Lieutenant colonel is the silver leaf.

Halfway through the first season he is wearing a silver oak leaf. They repeatedly call him Major.

The first season was in black and white. How can you tell what color it was?

The Incredible Shrinking Master - S2-E24

Continuity mistake: When Tony is next to the record player he knocks a pen down to the floor. But we saw the pen on the floor already, near the giant cat. The position of the eraser on the desk is different in shots with the cat and a real desk, not the giant mockup.

My Double-Crossing Master - S3-E23

Continuity mistake: When Tony goes upstairs to disguise himself as the British doctor he starts down the stairs and both his shoes are black. Near the bottom, the right shoe is white and then with his next pace the shoe turns brown.

My Son, the Genie - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: Major Nelson carries a large lamb with a lot of wool head down out of the bathroom. In the next shot Major Nelson is carrying a smaller lamb head up, which has a black face and legs. (00:25:00)


Season 2 generally

Continuity mistake: The living room floor plan changes in season 2, but then some episodes revert back to the original season living room. It seems to bounce back and forth. There are also times when Jeannie's bottle is on the bar...but then after the cutaway it is on the desk.

Abdullah - S4-E4

Revealing mistake: "I Dream of Jeannie" was produced by Screen Gems. During the outside scene filmed on the backlot, when Roger meets a former girlfriend, the Screen Gems logo, with the words "Screen Gems" below it, can be seen on a building in the background.


Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the first ever episode Tony states that his mother is in Salt Lake City, implying this is where she lives. However in the episode where she visits Tony, she is from Bridgeport and then in the last few episodes of season five Tony talks about growing up in Ohio.

Col. Alfred E. Bellows, MD: You may be an expert in financial matters, Mr. Huggins, but I happen to be an expert in Major Anthony Nelson.

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Trivia: The Screen Gems sets of I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched were right next to each other at the studio, and many of the actual sets and props were shared between the two shows. Both shows also shared Dick Albain, the Special Effects expert, who worked on the two shows for quite awhile.

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Answer: As noted elsewhere here Jeannie is speaking Farsi.

Answer: Regarding the three wishes, there was never any set-in-stone rule or belief. This appears to originate from "The Ridiculous Wishes" or "The Three Ridiculous Wishes" that is a French literary fairy tale written by Charles Perrault and was published in 1697. It sort of set the standard for genie rules that later appeared in other folk tales and then in movies and TV shows. Like vampire lore, common details can be changed by any author to suit their story.

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Answer: She's speaking Persian. And there was never a 3 wish rule. When Tony freed her, he became her master, and she'd do anything for him (i.e. grant his every wish).


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